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Note: Curriculum requirements have been updated effective December 4, 2013. See information below on updated requirements.

Successful work in landscape architecture requires a comprehensive, multidisciplinary education in aspects of botany, horticulture, architecture, ecology and more. Without requiring prior background, the Certificate Program in Landscape Architecture prepares you for entry-level positions in the profession and for continued professional achievement and advancement. Taught by industry professionals, the curriculum enables you to develop aesthetic sensitivity and environmental awareness, a thorough knowledge of historical precedent, a definable and defensible design methodology, the technical knowledge and skills necessary to compete effectively for jobs, and a comprehensive portfolio. Designed to comply with the highest standards of the profession, the curriculum encourages individual creativity while emphasizing the practical applications of design solutions. It also helps you qualify to sit for the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards’ Landscape Architect Registration Exam (LARE).

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Required Courses (Foundation)
Course Number Course Title Units / CEUs Delivery Options Status
LD ARCH X457 Introduction to Landscape Architecture 2 Classroom Available
LD ARCH X463 Principles and Elements of Design 3 Classroom Available
(Take either Spring Plants and Applications OR Summer Plants and Applications.)
LD ARCH X444 Spring Plants and Applications 3 Not Available
LD ARCH X445 Summer Plants and Applications 3 Not Available
LD ARCH X446 Autumn Plants and Applications 3 Classroom Available
LD ARCH X428 AutoCAD for Landscape Architecture: Level I 2 Classroom Not Available
LD ARCH X458 Landscape Graphics I 1 to 2 Classroom Available
LD ARCH X473 History of Landscape Architecture 3 Not Available
LD ARCH X465 Digital Landscape Graphics 2 Not Available
LD ARCH X466 Introductory Landscape Design Studio 3 Classroom Available
Required Courses (Advanced)
Course Number Course Title Units / CEUs Delivery Options Status
LD ARCH X401 Planting Design 3 Not Available
LD ARCH X404 Construction Technology I 4 Not Available
LD ARCH X405 Construction Technology II 4 Not Available
LD ARCH X470 Green Roof Systems 2 Not Available
LD ARCH X468 Neighborhood Design Studio 4 Classroom Available
LD ARCH X402 Social Factors in Environmental Design 2 Classroom Available
LD ARCH X464 Site Design Studio 4 Not Available
LD ARCH X427 Professional Practice in Landscape Architecture 2 Classroom Available
LD ARCH X474 Environmental Analysis and Design Studio 5 Not Available
LD ARCH X467 Site Planning Practicum Studio 5 Not Available
Course Number Course Title Units / CEUs Delivery Options Status
ARCH X413 Advanced Digital Visualization Tools 1 Not Available
LD ARCH X452 Cultural Landscape Documentation and Studio 2 Not Available
LD ARCH X455 The Cultural Landscape: Preservation and Sustainable Practice 1 Not Available
ARCH X411.8 Digital Visualization Tools for Site and Sustainable Design 1 Not Available
ARCH X404.3 Ecology for Designers 2 Classroom Available
LD ARCH X456 Graphics Boot Camp 1 Not Available
LD ARCH X430 Landscape and Horticultural Photography 2 Not Available
LD ARCH X401.8 Landscape Architecture Internship 2 Classroom Available
LD ARCH X469 Landscape Architecture Portfolio Workshop 1 Not Available

Course availability is subject to change. Courses offered in both online and classroom environments are interchangeable; if both delivery options are available, you may choose either option.

To enroll, click on a course title above and choose a section. You may enroll in individual courses without registering for a certificate or program.

Prerequisites for Admission

Introductory courses in the Certificate Program in Landscape Architecture are open to all. However, be aware that most courses have prerequisites. In particular, studio courses need to be taken in the proper sequence with the required prerequisites. Please read prerequisites for each course carefully.

Curriculum Requirements

The curriculum comprises 19 required courses and 5 units of electives for a total of 63 semester units (1,113 hours of instruction). Candidates must pay a nonrefundable certificate registration fee.

Required courses must be taken for a letter grade and you must earn a C or better in all courses; if a course is taken on a not-for-credit basis, it cannot be applied toward the certificate. A Certificate with Distinction will be awarded to those who complete the certificate with a GPA of 3.85 or higher. Most part-time students complete the required courses in four to five years, taking one to three courses per term. All coursework must be completed within five years of registering for the certificate.

This is a professionally oriented certificate; consequently, standards and expectations of our students are extremely high. All courses are demanding and require an extraordinary commitment of time and energy. Spending 10 hours per week to complete homework in the foundation courses and more than 20 hours per week in the advanced courses is not uncommon.

How to Register

By registering, you declare your intention to complete the curriculum. To register online for the Certificate Program in Landscape Architecture, complete these two steps:

  1. Submit the online registration, and complete your student account profile if you are a new student.
  2. Pay the nonrefundable registration fee through your shopping cart.

You may also send the mail-in registration form with your credit card information or personal check.

Estimated Cost

Each course is priced individually, and you pay the course fee at the time of enrollment. The certificate has an estimated total cost of $23,000 (not including course materials or registration fee). Course fees are subject to change.

Certificate and Award Request

Once you have completed the certificate coursework, notify UC Berkeley Extension that you have completed the curriculum and request your certificate. Send an email to or call (510) 664-7824. After your records have been reviewed, verified, and approved, your certificate will be sent to you in the mail. The review of your records is usually completed within six to eight weeks after you request the certificate.