The Fiduciary in California: Now and In the Future UNEX 1151

Course Description

The California Professional Fiduciary Bureau (under the auspices of the California Department of Consumer Affairs) oversees the qualification, testing and certification of people who want to function as California Licensed Professional Fiduciaries (CLPF). With the graying of America and the aging population in California, the need for more people to become certified fiduciaries is growing. In this public lecture, three experienced professional fiduciaries talk about the proper role of a fiduciary as a person of trust in the broadest context including financial planning, medical care and oversight of people with complex disabilities. They review not only the requirements to pass the certification exam but also present the benefits to both the individuals who entrust their lives to fiduciaries as well as those who are so entrusted.

Understand what the term fiduciary means and the various roles that fiduciaries are entrusted with, including trustee, successor trustee, power of attorney agent under a durable power of attorney and health-care directive, special needs trustee, conservator of person and estate, and estate administrator, representative payee for the Veterans Administration and Social Security. Additionally, you hear a cogent explanation of how fiduciaries are appointed and when it is advisable to use the services of a professional fiduciary, through court appointment or through estate-planning documents.

Who Should Attend

Anyone considering helping others who need help in matters of estate, health and quality of life and are unable to make these decisions on their own behalf without help. Professionals in health care including nursing, social work, health advocacy and others; professionals in education, management, nonprofit and government; and just about any responsible and caring adult who wishes to explore new career opportunities are invited to attend this free program.


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