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"My introduction class instructor, YanPei Chao, was more than an instructor; he became a mentor."
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As governments, businesses and home owners increasingly scrutinize the transmission and distribution of energy, many see the cost-reducing and clean-air benefits of a network-enabled, or smart, power distribution grid as a substantial improvement. This entry-level program provides a solid foundation in smart grid technology (SGT), including a technical overview of networking, electrical engineering, and power transmission and distribution. In addition to a wide range of smart grid theory, you study deployment issues, vendors, demand shaping, and statutory and regulatory requirements-instruction that prepares you to seize new opportunities in the emerging field of networked power.

Simon Feng Ou,
Professional Program in
Smart Grid Technology


Required Courses (Choose 4)Courses may be taken in any order, but we recommend that you start the program with Smart Grids: Introduction X423.
Course Number Course Title Units / CEUs Delivery Options Status
EL ENG X423 Smart Grids: Introduction 1 Not Available
EL ENG X423.1 Smart Grids: Energy-Efficient Transmission 1 Not Available
EL ENG X423.2 Smart Grids: Command and Control 1 Not Available
EL ENG X423.3 Smart Grids: Metering and Home Area Networks 1 Not Available
EL ENG X423.4 Smart Grids: Internet of Things 1 Not Available
EL ENG X423.5 Smart Grids: Microgrids 1 Classroom Not Available
EL ENG X423.6 Smart Grids: Energy-Efficient Buildings 1 Not Available

Course availability is subject to change. Courses offered in both online and classroom environments are interchangeable; if both delivery options are available, you may choose either option.

To enroll, click on a course title above and choose a section. You may enroll in individual courses without registering for a certificate or program.

Prerequisites for Admission

There are no formal prerequisites for the Professional Series in Smart Grid Technology.

Curriculum Requirements

The curriculum comprises 4 required courses (choose any 4 of the 7 courses) for a total of 4 semester units (60 hours of instruction).

All courses must be taken for a letter grade. To receive the Award of Completion, you must maintain an overall minimum 3.0 grade point average, with a grade of C or better (no C– grades) in each course.

All coursework must be completed within three years of registering for the program. However, requirements may be updated based on new developments in the field of study; we recommend completing the curriculum in a timely fashion.

How to Register

By registering, you declare your intention to complete the curriculum. To register online for the Professional Series in Smart Grid Technology, complete these two steps:

  1. Submit the online registration, and complete your student account profile if you are a new student.
  2. Pay the nonrefundable registration fee through your shopping cart. Please allow 3–5 business days for the registration to appear in your student account.

You may also send the mail-in registration form with your credit card information or personal check.

Estimated Cost

Each course is priced individually, and you pay the course fee at the time of enrollment. The program has an estimated cost of $2,000 (not including course materials or registration fee). Course fees are subject to change.

Certificate and Award Request

Once you have completed the program coursework, notify UC Berkeley Extension that you have completed the curriculum and request your Award of Completion. Send an email to or call (510) 642-4151. After your records have been reviewed, verified, and approved, your award will be sent to you in the mail. The review of your records is usually completed within six to eight weeks after you request the award.