"I feel fortunate to have met inspiring people from across the U.S. who accomplished so much in their lives."

—Katie Forsyth, Oxford Scholar 2013

Live and Study in Oxford

Travel to Oxford and spend three weeks immersed in the culture and traditions of this lively university town. Attend inspiring seminars and experience life as a student at the oldest university in the English-speaking world. From Shakespeare, to British culture and identity, to art and design, the wide-ranging seminars offer a rare opportunity to learn from Oxford faculty—leaders in their field. You also have free time to explore the neighboring town and countryside and to take weekend trips.

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Meet Christopher Day

"Merton has an Alice in Wonderland quality. You step through this little gate, and you're suddenly in a different world. All the noise of Oxford drops away and it feels like you could be miles out in the country. And for three weeks, that's your home."

Such is the description that program director Christopher Day says of the Oxford Berkeley Program experience. For the past 10 years, Day has been walking through that gate, tutoring for History and Architecture of Oxford, and bringing his extensive knowledge to adult learners each year.

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