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Student Success Stories

Looking Beyond STEM for His Career of the Future

For a lot of people, a career in STEM is the end goal. But for Oscar Ko, a career as a software engineer at Boeing was just a launching pad.

From IT to Accounting

The sound of Todd Lawrence and his wife’s eight-month-old son crying as they dropped him off at daycare so they could go to work catapulted him toward a complete overhaul of his career. Instead of... continue reading From IT to Accounting

Understanding Regulatory Affairs’ Impact on Clinical Trials

This continuous flow of information and understanding are what brought Jennifer Cuvin to our Professional Program in Regulatory Affairs.

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Passion Drives Instructor and Her Students

“I tell my class on the first day that I have worked at basically every level of education—from elementary school through grad school,” says College Admissions and Career Planning certificate... continue reading Passion Drives Instructor and Her Students

Photo of School of Social Welfare lecturer and UC Berkeley Extension 2018 Honored Instructor Andrea DuBrow

Developing Students' Futures in the Public Sector

Since 1994, more than 600 local public social-services managers have received Berkeley-quality education in order to become leaders in the Bay Area through a fascinating opportunity called... continue reading Developing Students' Futures in the Public Sector

21st-Century Careers

Career coaches, hiring managers and pundits agree that today’s careers are less likely to be linear and more waves of continuous learning and re-invention. What does that mean?

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