University Partners

The University of California, Berkeley, participates in cooperative partnerships with educational institutions throughout the world. These agreements bring international students to UC Berkeley, creating a global campus environment and fostering international scholarship. We welcome new partnerships to bring the best and brightest to this innovative program. Learn how you can become a valued partner:

Partnering With BHGAP

Establish a new business-focused program or enhance an existing program at your university in collaboration with UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, also known as Berkeley Haas. Berkeley Haas is currently in the process of establishing partnerships with top global universities for Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP).

The Berkeley Haas Business Program is consistently ranked in the Top 10 for both undergraduate and graduate business degrees (U.S. News and World Report) and Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) coursework was created specifically with an international audience in mind. Courses are appropriate for both business and nonbusiness majors, as well as undergraduate- to graduate-level students and professionals. Students attend BHGAP for one or two semesters; receive a transcript from UC Berkeley Extension and a co-branded Certificate of Completion from Berkeley Haas and UC Berkeley Extension; and finish their degree at their home university.

Why Become a Partner?

1. Collaboration

As a BHGAP partner, you have a central role in the admissions process. Partners may establish additional admissions criteria beyond the program's requirements and pre-screen applicants to meet any special qualifications necessary at your institution. Final BHGAP admissions decisions are made by UC Berkeley while working closely with your school to ensure students meet all qualifications of the home institution.

2. Customization

Partner with BHGAP to enhance your students' Berkeley experience with additional activities such as professional development workshops, California culture trips, volunteer or internship opportunities, and more. As a BHGAP partner, you may also reserve seats in the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program specifically for your students.

3. Campus Connections

Partnering with the BHGAP program can open the door for universities to develop additional partnerships with the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business or other campus departments. We encourage campus visits and assist in arranging meetings for partners with campus departments and staff.

4. Logistics and Communication

In addition to on-the-ground program and student services, BHGAP partners receive support to assist with pre-program logistics such as registration, student health insurance, academic transcripts, and email communications with students and parents.

5. Access to Top-Ranked Curriculum

Berkeley Haas works with partners throughout the process to help establish a curriculum that meets your program requirements and goals.

Sample BHGAP course topics include:

Learn more about the BHGAP curriculum.

6. Discounts

Partner universities have the opportunity to receive special program discounts or scholarships depending on the number of students sent.

Interested in Learning More?

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