"It was important to me that we had a lot of people that are currently in the industry doing the instruction."

Christopher Khalil

Professional Program in Project Management in the Life Science Industries

Note: We currently are not accepting new registrations for the Professional Program in Project Management in the Life Science Industries. Courses in the existing curriculum will continue to run as planned.


Before starting the program, you should have experience in the drug development process and project planning and control. Otherwise, you should complete the following courses:

*For further information about this course and our advanced project management programs, please see the Certificate Program in Project Management.

Curriculum Requirements

The curriculum comprises 6 required two-day courses for a total of 6 semester units (90 hours of instruction). Choose from 6 of the 7 required courses. Candidates must pay a nonrefundable program registration fee.

You must take all courses for a letter grade. To receive the Award of Completion, you must complete all required courses with a grade of C or better. All coursework must be completed within five years of registering for the program.

Estimated Cost

Each course is priced individually, and you pay the course fee at the time of enrollment. The program has an estimated cost of $5,970 (not including course materials or registration fee). Course fees are subject to change.

Certificate and Award Request

Once you have completed the program coursework, notify UC Berkeley Extension that you have completed the curriculum and request your Award of Completion. Send an email to biotech_online@berkeley.edu or call (510) 642-1062. After your records have been reviewed, verified and approved, your award will be sent to you in the mail. The review of your records is usually completed within six to eight weeks after you request the award.

Advising Services

Additional Information

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All UC Berkeley Extension project management courses apply toward professional development units (pdu) through the Project Management Institute (PMI Provider 1173).

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