Other Items for Purchase

Certificate Program in Interior Design and Interior Architecture $150.00
Certificate Program in Landscape Architecture $150.00
Certificate Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies $150.00
Certificate Program in Accounting $150.00
Certificate Program in Business Administration $150.00
Certificate Program in Business Analysis $150.00
Certificate Program in Finance $150.00
Certificate Program in Financial Planning and Analysis $150.00
Certificate Program in Human Resource Management $150.00
Certificate Program in Leadership and Management $150.00
Certificate Program in Marketing $150.00
Certificate Program in Paralegal Studies $150.00
Certificate Program in Project Management $150.00
Certificate Program in Construction Management $150.00
Certificate Program in HVAC $150.00
Certificate Program in College Admissions and Career Planning $150.00
Certificate Program in Teaching English as a Second Language $150.00
Certificate Program in Clinical Research Conduct and Management $150.00
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Writing $150.00
Specialized Program in Digital Photography $100.00
Specialized Program in Drawing $100.00
Specialized Program in Painting $100.00
Professional Program in Health Advocacy $100.00
Post-Baccalaureate Counseling and Psychology Professions $100.00
Professional Sequence in Agile Management $100.00
Professional Sequence in Project Human Resource Management $100.00
Professional Program in Women and Leadership $100.00
Professional Program in College Admission Counseling $100.00
Professional Program in English Learner Pedagogy $100.00
Clinical Laboratory Scientist Preparatory Program $100.00
Professional Sequence in Technical Communication $100.00
Specialized Program in Professional Writing $100.00
Professional Sequence in Editing $100.00
Professional Sequence in Business Intelligence and SAS Analytics Software $100.00
Professional Program in Regulatory Affairs $100.00
Professional Program in Aging and Mental Health $50.00
Professional Program in Child and Adolescent Treatment $50.00
Professional Program in Eating and Weight Disorder $50.00
Professional Program in Neuropsychological Assessment $50.00
Professional Program in the Study of Loss and Grief $50.00
Professional Program in Trauma-Informed Interventions $50.00
Professional Program in Business Process Management $50.00
Program in Professional Communication $50.00
Professional Series in Smart Grid Technology $50.00
Professional Program in Data Administration and Management $50.00
Teaching Credential in Adult Education (DSAE) $200.00
Application Fee International Programs $200.00
Application Fee Concurrent Program $125.00
Professional Sequence in Marketing Metrics and ROI $100.00
Teaching Credential in Career Technical Education (DSCTE) $200.00
Certificate Program in Personal Financial Planning $150.00
Professional Program in Evidence-Based Therapy for Anxiety and Mood Disorders $50.00
Professional Sequence in Semiconductor Technology Fundamentals $100.00
Certificate Program in Semiconductor IC Design $150.00
Certificate Program in Facilities Management $150.00
Certificate Program in Student Affairs & Higher-Education Administration $150.00
Certificate Program in Software Development & Programming $150.00
Professional Program in Data Analysis $100.00
Professional Program in Spanish Language $100.00
Professional Program in Mandarin Language $100.00
Application Fee Post-Baccalaureate Health Professions Program $100.00
Advanced Program in Software Development $50.00
Advanced Program in Sustainable Management $100.00
Professional Program in Graphic Design $100.00
Advanced Biosciences Program $100.00
Application Fee Post-Baccalaureate Visual Arts $50.00
Professional Sequence in Small Business Management $100.00
Professional Program in User Experience Design $100.00
Professional Program in Web Development $50.00
Certificate Program in Data Science $150.00
Adv Standing Fee: Interior Design & Architecture $700.00
Adv Standing Fee: Landscape Architecture $700.00