Meet the Faculty

Our esteemed faculty members are not only practicing and working in the fields that they teach, but they also love to teach. They are committed to your success and take great joy in teaching students from across the globe.

Wasim Azhar

Wasim Azhar

Professor Wasim Azhar has been with UC Berkeley Haas School of Business since 2005. He is currently the Director at the Center for Teaching Excellence at Haas and a lecturer. Wasim is also a partner, Director and CMO at Amzone LLC and a member of the Board of Directors at Global Equity Partners. Read more about Wasim.

Janet Brady, M.B.A.'s Portrait

Janet Brady, M.B.A.

Janet Brady received both her B.S. and M.B.A. from the Haas School of Business and currently teaches Marketing, Business Communications and Leading People. Before becoming a lecturer at Haas, Janet worked at the Clorox Company as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer and at Central Garden and Pet as Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Communications and Digital Marketing. In addition to her lecturing duties, Janet is also an independent business consultant. Read more about Janet.

Jennifer Caleshu, M.B.A.'s Portrait

Jennifer Caleshu, M.B.A.

Since 2013, Jennifer Caleshu has been lecturing at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. She is well-versed in all things Haas as Jennifer received her M.B.A. from this prestigious school.

She teaches:

  • Fundamentals of Design Thinking
  • Haas@Work
  • Fundamentals of Design Thinking
  • Building Trust-Based Relationships
  • High-Impact Leadership
  • Leading Innovative Change
  • Leadership Communications
  • Active Communicating

Jennifer also serves as Director of Marketing, Facilitator and Executive Coach at the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, where she facilitates leadership, communications and coaching programs with diverse clients in technology, heavy equipment and education. As an executive coach, her clients have included individual contributors, managers and directors seeking to empower themselves and their teams through one-on-one coaching for leaders.

Jennifer also coaches individuals on creating and delivering effective presentations, including supporting verbal and non-verbal communication skills, overcoming stage fright, designing impactful PowerPoint presentations, preparing for Q&As and more. Read more about Jennifer.

Mark Coopersmith, M.B.A.'s Portrait

Mark Coopersmith, M.B.A.

Mark Coopersmith provides leaders and teams with insights, inspiration and know-how to drive innovation and growth in their organizations, and launch new ventures and initiatives. As a Fortune 500 global executive and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Mark has spent three decades launching, building and fixing high-growth organizations ranging from raw startups to launching new divisions of multinational corporations such as Sony, to reinvigorating existing businesses, all while leading teams from 2 to 2,000. For the past 10 years, Mark has been teaching entrepreneurship and innovation at Haas. He currently teaches Entrepreneurship Workshop for Startups. Read more about Mark.

Todd Fitch, M.B.A.'s Portrait

Todd Fitch, M.B.A.

Todd Fitch, M.B.A., has expertise in the economic impacts of intellectual property, innovation and technology strategy. He has been a lecturer at UC Berkeley Haas since 2005.

Whitney Hischier, M.B.A.'s Portrait

Whitney Hischier, M.B.A.

Whitney Hischier received her M.B.A. from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and has been involved with the school since 2003 as a faculty director for Berkeley Executive Education, a lecturer and a former assistant dean. In addition to teaching the Entrepreneurship Workshop for Startups, Whitney also instructs Managing and Motivating People, StartupLab and International Business Development. Whitney's career spans 20 years of turn-arounds, entrepreneurship, management consulting and executive education. She has spent much of it working in distinct and remote parts of the world, with a focus on enhancing national economic growth through business education and building networks between the public, private and academic sectors. Whitney's goal is to help organizations and individuals simplify complex environments and situations and enable them to execute effectively. Read more about Whitney.

Andrew Isaacs, M.S.'s Portrait

Andrew Isaacs, M.S.

Andrew Isaacs is a successful scientist, business executive, entrepreneur and educator. He is passionate about mentoring the next generation of technology business leaders and has a strong track record of helping young entrepreneurs launch their careers. Andrew has worked at the crossroads of advanced technology and business innovation for 25 years.

Andrew has been teaching at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business for almost 20 years for classes such as Opportunity Recognition: Technology and Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley; Marketing for High-Tech Entrepreneurs; the Business of Nanotechnology; and Energy, Sustainability and Business Innovation.

In addition to being a lecturer, Andrew is also Haas School of Business' Director of New Management of Technology Programs, Director of Mayfield Fellows Program and Executive Director at the Center for Energy and Environmental Innovation. In addition, he is also President of California Technology International Inc. Read more about Andrew.

Greg La Blanc, J.D., LLM's Portrait

Gregory La Blanc, J.D., LLM

Gregory La Blanc received his J.D. from George Mason University and his LLM from UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law. He has been teaching at Haas School of Business since 2005, teaching such classes as New Venture Finance, Strategic Leadership, Behavioral Finance, Corporate Financial Management, Financial Strategy and more. Greg has been awarded the UC Berkeley Presidential Teaching Fellow, a Haas EWMBA Core Graduate Instructor of the Year and a John Olin Fellow from Boalt Hall School of Law.

His current interests include data and analytics strategy, business model innovation, alternative investment strategies, evolutionary decision theory, behavioral law and economics, behavioral corporate finance, complex adaptive systems and information in organizations. Read more about Gregory.

Aaron McDaniel's Portrait

Aaron McDaniel

Aaron McDaniel is a serial entrepreneur, corporate manager, real estate investor, adviser, author, teacher and professional speaker. He is currently a partner and Chief Marketing Officer of IP Shark, an online brand-protection service that helps brands eliminate counterfeits, stop unauthorized sellers and better control their e-commerce channels.

He also teaches entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and is managing director and founding partner at Velocity Capital Group, a real-estate private equity fund investing in multi-family properties across the U.S. Previously, Aaron was the co-founder and CEO of Access Invest, the nation's largest mobile aggregator of private investments and co-founded Tycoon, the first real-estate crowdfunding platform to be acquired and Pong360 (acquired in 2012).

Learn more about Aaron.

Jon Metzler's Portrait

Jon Metzler, M.B.A.

Jon Metzler is a lecturer at Berkeley Haas, where he teaches on competitive advantage in technology markets and on international business at the undergraduate and M.B.A. levels. He is also associated faculty for the UC Berkeley for Center for Japanese Studies. He has received grant funding from the UC Berkeley Center for Japanese Studies and from the UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity. Metzler is also faculty mentor at Berkeley Skydeck, an accelerator for Berkeley-affiliated startups.

Ethan Namvar

Ethan Namvar is a lecturer in finance at the Haas School of Business. His research focuses on financial engineering, quantitative finance, hedge funds, alternative investments, portfolio management, risk management, municipal bonds and credit default swaps.

Holly Schroth, Ph.D.'s Portrait

Holly Schroth, Ph.D.

Holly Schroth is a senior lecturer at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Management of Organizations Program, where she specializes in the areas of negotiation and organizational behavior. She has been a senior lecturer at Haas since 1992, teaching courses such as Leading People, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Organizational Behavior, Introduction to Organizational Behavior and Strategic Business Interactions.

Her research interests center on emotions and language in negotiations and procedural justice. Holly has authored numerous publications exploring these subjects. She has also won several awards for teaching excellence during her decades of work, including a Distinguished Teaching Fellow.

Read more about Holly.

MatthewStepka's Portrait

Matthew Stepka

Matthew Stepka is Managing Partner of Machina Ventures, an investment firm focused on early stage, artificial intelligence and data science–enabled companies. He also advises companies on a variety of strategic issues, including fostering innovation, leveraging artificial intelligence/ data science technologies, and driving social impact. Stepka is a public speaker on how emerging technologies are reshaping our society and economy, and the important role of mission-driven enterprises. He is a Visiting Scholar/Executive in Residence at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Robert Strand's Portrait

Robert Strand, Ph.D.

Robert Strand is the Executive Director of the Center for Responsible Business and a lecturer at the Berkeley Haas School of Business. His research and teaching compares U.S. and Nordic approaches to sustainable and socially responsible business. He has more recently turned his attention to contrast varieties of capitalism in the U.S. and Nordic contexts, and is currently working on a book project, Sustainable Vikings. He was a United States Fulbright Scholar to Norway.

Donatella Taurasi's Portrait

Donatella Taurasi, Ph.D.

Donatella Taurasi, Ph.D., has expertise in data science, data and analytics strategy, finance, psychology and economics, and asset pricing. She has been a lecturer at UC Berkeley Haas since 2012.

Helena Weiss-Duman's Portrait

Helena Weiss-Duman, PMP

Helena Weiss-Duman, PMP, has lectured at UC Berkeley Extension since 2007 and was named an Honored Instructor. She teaches Thriving at Haas and Beyond, Project Management, Leadership Without Authority, Project Leadership and Building High-Performing Teams, Special Events Project Planning, and Project Cost and Procurement. Helena also serves as Deputy Director of External Relations and Marketing Communications and UC Berkeley.

Peter Wilton, Ph.D.'s Portrait

Peter Wilton, Ph.D.

Senior lecturer Peter Wilton has been a lecturer and professor at Haas School of Business since 1992. He received his Ph.D. from Purdue University and his B.A. (1st Class Honors) from the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia). In addition to his teaching, Peter is also the CEO of ORBIS Associates, a research product evaluator at the National Science Foundation and a reviewer at numerous publications. His current research and interests include:

  • Marketing and corporate strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Organizational transformation
  • Customer-loyalty strategy
  • Global strategy and international management
  • Customer-experience strategy
  • New-product management
  • Sales force productivity
  • Competitive strategy for high-technology organizations
  • Competitive strategy for financial service institutions

Read more about Peter.

Barry Schwartz's Portrait

Barry Schwartz, Ph.D.

Barry Schwartz is a visiting professor at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and a previous professor of psychology at Swarthmore College. He works at the intersection of psychology and economics, with a focus on how people make decisions. Barry is especially interested in the moral dimensions of the decisions people make. A published author, Barry has penned books such as The Paradox of Choice (2004), Practical Wisdom, written with Kenneth Sharpe (2010), and Why We Work (2015).

Download some of Barry's published papers.

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