Silicon Valley Connections

Our exclusive Silicon Valley Connections provides you with access to a dynamic series of immersive company visits spanning the innovation landscape of Silicon Valley. From industry titans to burgeoning startups, get a firsthand look and feel for the pulse of modern business.

Through small-group interactions with leaders and professionals across diverse business units, you have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the latest trends and advancements shaping our global marketplace. These experiences not only enrich your classroom learnings, but also help you bridge theory with practice, fostering a deeper understanding of how to navigate and thrive in today's ever-evolving business ecosystem.

Company Visits

Group of students sitting in an auditorium.

The Bay Area is the innovation capital of the world, with Silicon Valley companies from numerous industries within 50 miles of the campus. Bring your coursework to life with this exclusive opportunity to visit numerous companies that are on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Each semester, you can visit five different companies—both in person and virtually—to network with innovators where they affect change. With your cohort of fellow students, you'll learn all about the company and hear from presenters who describe their career path and exciting trends in their industry. After a Q&A session, you'll go behind the scenes and tour their offices and chat—one-on-one—with these industry leaders.

"The university-industry symbiosis is pivotal. It's not just about the flow of knowledge, but also about the transfer of a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship into the minds of students. In Silicon Valley, students are often exposed to real-world business challenges and opportunities to network with industry leaders, which cultivates a robust international workforce and spawns innovative ideas."

Lorenz Hieber, Fall 2023 graduate

BHGAP Spring 2019 Graduates Visit Bloomberg Beta

Listen to Berkeley Haas Global Access Program students talk about their experiences visiting Bay Area companies.

Cohort Talks

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We know you'll be inspired when learning from our esteemed faculty in class, so why not meet more of Haas' amazing lineup of professors! During these lunch and learns, you get to hear from these entrepreneurs and innovators about their current work. Networking with distinguished professors? Yes, please!

"With a program that is specialized in entrepreneurship and innovation and provides access to the best faculty at Haas and guest speakers from industry, I am able to operate with a growth mindset and leverage the network to excel in a thriving ecosystem of technology and innovation."

Meru Sharma, Spring 2022 graduate

Career Development

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Receive career counseling and individualized coaching from qualified staff and faculty to discuss topics such as interview preparation, job-search strategies and more. If you're interested in attending graduate school, take advantage of our graduate school admission workshops, where you'll learn tips and best practices to make your application as competitive as possible. Career-development workshops focus on best practices to getting hired, creating a competitive résumé, boosting your LinkedIn presence, building your network, preparing for Optional Practical Training and more!

"The coaching circles helped me self-reflect on my previous experiences and where I want to go. I also learned the importance of building a deep and wide network and following up with connections. After the coaching experience, I understood my strengths and started developing a new network of contacts. I recommend everyone to take this program."

Marcelo Lisboa de Castro Reis, Fall 2021 graduate

Career Coaching With Berkeley Haas Global Access Program

Recent graduates of our Berkeley Haas Global Access Program describe the benefits of having one-on-one personal coaching sessions with our skilled staff in order to define career paths and goals.

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