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What You'll Need

We recommend that you prepare your application materials before starting your application.

Here's what you will need to provide in your application:

Statement of Purpose

Your Statement of Purpose allows us to assess your understanding of the program and your academic preparedness, while helping us to understand your personal, academic and professional goals. We review your Statement of Purpose to determine if the program is a good fit for you, as well as to advise you on courses and campus opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.

Please use the following guidelines when writing your essay:

  1. Length of essay: {{ program.applications.wordcount || "800–1,000" }} words, single-spaced.
  2. Background: Which academic, personal and professional experiences have prepared you for this rigorous program? Please describe successes that may not be apparent from just reading your transcript. Briefly describe any other extracurricular interests or activities you hope to engage in at UC Berkeley or in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  3. Understanding of the program: How will participating in this program help you achieve your academic, professional or personal goals? Briefly explain your understanding of the program's requirements and the courses you will be eligible to apply for as a student. Please also state the name of the program you are applying to.
  4. Anomalies: Please explain any anomalies in your academic transcript, such as a failed course, a low GPA or a change in your major concentration. If there is nothing unusual about your transcript, you do not need to include this section.

Your Statement of Purpose is an expression of your educational and professional goals, experiences and perspectives. In line with this, all submissions must be entirely original and reflective of your own thoughts, experiences and ambitions. We ask you to express yourself authentically and avoid any form of plagiarism, including the use of content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) tools or other sources. Adhering to these requests will uphold the core values of our admissions process, which are centered on honesty and integrity.

The use of AI-generated content in your statement of purpose is strictly prohibited. We believe that this statement is a reflection of your personal journey and future goals. Using AI-generated content undermines the integrity of your unique voice and narrative. We take the use of AI-generated tools and content seriously to ensure a fair and equitable evaluation of all applicants.

Official Academic Transcripts

You must upload your complete academic transcripts (official version). Your academic transcript is an official record of all the courses that you have completed, along with your grade or score for each course. Your transcript should be issued in your institution's language of instruction.

  • If your institution's language of instruction is not English, you must also upload an official transcript in English or an English translation of your original transcript (usually prepared by a school administrator or agentusually prepared by the school or an official translator). In this case, you will submit two transcripts: one official transcript in the original language of instruction and one English translation.
  • If you have attended multiple institutions, please upload a transcript for each institution. Please include English translations for each transcript, if necessary.
  • If you have completed a course of study, please upload the corresponding certificate or diploma.
  • If you attend(ed) an institution or program where English is the primary language of instruction, please make sure this is apparent on the transcript.

Proof of English-Language Proficiency

You can meet our English-language requirement in any of the following ways:

Test Score

Minimum test scores accepted are:

  • TOEFL: {{ program.toefl }}
  • IELTS Academic Format: {{ program.ielts }}
  • DAAD: {{ program.daad }}
  • {{ program.C1Adv }}
  • TEM-4 or TEM-8: Level {{ program.tem }}
  • Duolingo: {{ program.duo }}

iBT Special Home Edition and myBest scores are accepted. Scores must be from the past two years.

If you are requesting a waiver or exception, please upload any additional supporting documentation. Waiver or exception requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and acceptance is not guaranteed. Students from countries on our Exempt Country list will be automatically granted a waiver. Email with questions or to learn more.


You may request a waiver if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • You have completed at least one year of college-level study at a school where English is the language of instruction for the majority of courses taught.
  • You are currently studying or have studied full time in an English-speaking country or region for at least one academic year at the university level.
  • You have successfully completed a university-level program in an English-speaking country or region.

If you do not meet any of the above criteria, you can request an English-language interview through our department. If you are interested in this option, please select "I would like to request an English interview" in your online application.

Copy of Your Passport/Government-Issued Photo ID (for international applicants only)

Upload a copy of your passport biographical page or government-issued photo identification that shows your full name, photo and birth date.

You must have a passport that is valid for travel to the United States. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the United States (unless exempt by country-specific agreements).

After admission to the program, you will be invited to request your Certificate of Eligibility Form I-20 or J-1 DS-2019. In most cases, an I-20/DS-2019 and an F-1/J-1 visa are required to attend this program as an international student. Learn more about applying for your I-20 and student visa. Questions? Email

{{ program.abbreves | uppercase }} Scholarship Opportunity

The {{ }} is excited to announce scholarship opportunities, of up to {{ program.scholarshipAmt | currency:$:0 }} each, to be applied toward the program cost. If interested in applying, you will be required to upload a scholarship essay and provide the contact information of a professional or academic reference who can submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Please read more about the scholarship on the Scholarships page.

You must apply to the program and the scholarship at the same time. No exceptions.

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A $100 non-refundable application fee will be paid at the time of application submission. (Financially sponsored students from partnering universities will not be assessed the application fee.)

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