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"My introduction class instructor, YanPei Chao, was more than an instructor; he became a mentor."
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UC Berkeley Extension's construction, environmental management, HVAC and facilities management courses are ideal for those seeking job-enhancing knowledge and individuals transitioning careers. Learn how sustainable practices and innovations are driving changes in the construction, mechanical design and facilities fields. Learn the latest developments in ISO 1400, sustainability economics, environmental law, regulatory compliance and managing sustainable change within an organization. Instructors with extensive experience at top firms ensure an education that you can apply on the job. Evening, weekend and online courses offer the flexibility that fits your busy schedule.

Simon Feng Ou,
Professional Program in
Smart Grid Technology

Professional certificates and specialized programs of study

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Voices in the Construction Industry

Henry Tooryani

"Construction is always going through cycles. You have to adjust yourself to the market. Successful companies are busy whether or not the market is slow."

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Kaushal Diwan

"The constant challenge in academia is to find the right balance, where the information taught in classrooms is relevant to actual industry situations. My approach allows students to learn the basic concepts and terminology, and exposes them to three of the most common BIM tools that they'll encounter in the design and construction industry."

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David Druml

"Typically, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is being adopted by well-established companies that want to improve their internal operations. Oddly enough, while those mature companies are installing ERM, it is actually best suited for small growing contractors because those contractors are the ones who truly need to improve their business practices."

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Meet HVAC Graduate Duane Kubischta

Duane Kubischta photoOn the recommendation of his new employer, Kubischta dove into the Certificate Program in HVAC to further develop his knowledge and skills in energy engineering. Learn more about Duane.

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Meet Your Instructor

Kelly Gearhart, Introduction to LEED v4: Concepts of Green Building and Design.

Kelly Gearhart is a principal in two companies, runs educational programs on green building and is an expert in LEED. She also finds time to teach for Extension, both LEED courses in the Construction and Sustainability department and Principles of Sustainability for the Interior Design program. We sat down and talked about the route she took to get to her career success, and her experiences teaching for UC Berkeley Extension.

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