Get Berkeley quality online. With UC Berkeley Extension, you receive a comprehensive education from a world-class institution—all from a laptop or desktop computer. UC Berkeley reviews and approves our online curricula, and many of our online courses offer college credit.

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See Online Professional Certificates and Specialized Programs of Study or Online Undergraduate-Level Courses . Learn about our Online Learning Policies and Resources , including final exam procedures.

Online Learning Experience Video

Completing online courses is a new learning experience for many students, but we're here to help guide the way. Learn how to use Canvas to navigate through your online course by watching the video below:


How to Be a Successful Online Learner

Are you prepared to take an online course? Being a successful online student requires independence, discipline and self-motivation. Ensure you're prepared with these tips:

  • Be an independent and self-motivated learner.
  • Adhere to the UC Berkeley Honor Code and maintain your academic integrity.
  • Have access to a computer with a fast, reliable Internet connection and adequate updated software (Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, QuickTime). View the technical requirements.
  • Know how to perform basic computer functions (saving and attaching files, creating folders) and navigate the Internet (using search engines, entering passwords).
  • Be able to communicate effectively and clearly using email and an online discussion board to work on assignments with students who may be in different time zones. For students whose native language is not English, it is recommended that you have achieved a minimum level of English proficiency. View more information.
  • Be disciplined in setting and maintaining a schedule to complete your work and provide timely responses to other students and the instructor, even when there are distractions online (checking personal email, perusing social media) or at home (television, family, social activities).
  • Have a study room that is free from distractions.
  • Be comfortable being online several times a week to participate in your course.
  • Be proactive in asking appropriate questions when assignments, concepts or homework solutions are unclear.

Online Undergraduate-Level Courses

Extension offers a variety of online courses that may carry transferable academic credit. Course numbers from X1 through X99 signify lower-division instruction (first- and second-year college-level instruction). Course numbers from X100 through X199 signify upper-division instruction (third- and fourth-year college-level instruction). See all online undergraduate-level courses.