We maintain permanent academic records for UC Berkeley Extension students who have completed credit courses and noncredit courses numbered 800–899, and noncredit courses that carry CEU values.

On July 9, 2013, UC Berkeley Extension began its transition to a new student information system. The new student information system includes student accounts.

For classroom and online fixed-date coursework that occurred in summer 2013 or before and for online continuous enrollments that occurred prior to July 9, coursework, grades and transcripts are retained by UC Berkeley Extension in former student systems.

For Concurrent Enrollment and Fall Program for Freshmen coursework occurring in fall 2013 and in spring 2014, coursework, grades and transcripts are retained by UC Berkeley Extension in former student systems.

For other classroom and online fixed-date coursework starting with the fall 2013 term forward and for online continuous enrollments on or after July 9, 2013, you can log in to your student account on the UC Berkeley Extension website and view your enrollment history including coursework and final course grades.

Ordering Transcripts

Please follow the instructions below to order transcripts.

You have three options to order transcripts: online, by mail or in person. No phone or email orders are accepted. All transcript orders require a signed authorization, which includes the signature of the student whose record is requested. Please note that courses in progress are not included on transcripts.

  1. Ordering Transcripts Online

    Order transcripts online (including rush transcripts) through Credential Solutions Transcript Ordering Services.

    Complete the contact information and transcript request details, pay by credit card, choose standard or rush service, and opt to have the transcripts sent either by U.S First-Class Mail or a courier service (such as FedEx). During the ordering process, you will be provided with an authorization form; you can either print this form immediately or have a printable PDF emailed to you. Print and sign the authorization form, and return the form as directed by Credential Solutions. Your transcript request cannot be completed until the authorization form is received, regardless of when you place your online order. Transcripts ordered online are sent via U.S. First Class Mail unless requested otherwise.

  2. Ordering Transcripts by Mail

    You can order transcripts (including rush transcripts) by mail. Print and complete the Transcript Request and Authorization form; this form is also available in your student account in the Forms and Policies section. Select the appropriate payment amount and method, sign the form to authorize release of your transcript(s), choose standard or rush service, and opt to have the transcripts sent by U.S. First Class Mail or by courier service (e.g., FedEx). Mail the form with payment to UC Berkeley Extension at the address listed on the form; your request will be processed when it is received. The Transcript Request and Authorization form may not be emailed or faxed, and digital signatures are not accepted. Transcripts ordered by mail are delivered by U.S. First-Class Mail unless requested otherwise.

  3. Ordering Transcripts in Person and Same-Day Pickup

    Order transcripts (including rush transcripts) in person. Print and complete the Transcript Request and Authorization form (PDF); this form is also available in your student account in the Forms and Policies section. Select the appropriate payment amount and method, and sign the form to authorize release of your transcript(s). Bring the form and payment to the Student Services Office at 1995 University Ave., Ste. 110, Berkeley, CA, Monday–Friday, 9 am–3 pm. You may have the transcripts sent by U.S. First-Class Mail, or you may pick them up in person with a photo ID. If another person is paying for and picking up your transcript for you, he or she must provide a photo ID AND a written authorization, signed by you, to receive the transcript. All in-person rush service requests for same-day pickup of transcript(s) require the $15 rush service charge per order.

All transcripts—standard and rush—are sent via U.S. First-Class Mail unless requested otherwise.

Standard Requests

Please allow 10–15 business days from the time UC Berkeley Extension receives the request to process and mail your transcript(s).

Rush Service

If you need transcript(s) mailed sooner, you may opt for rush service ($15 rush service fee required per order). All transcripts requested in the same order are processed as rush requests for a single $15 rush fee. Rush service ensures that transcript(s) are mailed within two business days after the receipt of the signed authorization and payment.

Hold for Final Grades Option

Your transcript includes all courses for which final grades have been submitted and recorded. If you have not yet finished your coursework or not received grades for courses that must appear on your transcript, check "Hold for final grade(s)" on the order form and indicate the course title, term and year that you will complete that coursework. The UC Berkeley Extension Registrar's Office will not mail your transcript(s) until those grades have been recorded. No partial transcripts are issued.

Partial Transcripts

UC Berkeley Extension does not issue in-progress or partial transcripts. You can print an Enrollment Confirmation or receipt by logging into your student account.

Transcript Holds

A hold may be placed on your records and no request for transcript is granted until all outstanding debts to the University are paid in full. A hold may also be placed on transcripts for student conduct code violations.

Course Description and Enrollment Verification

Past catalogs are available in PDF format. If you cannot find the course description, you may order one by completing a Transcript Request and Authorization form. Course descriptions are copied from the appropriate UC Berkeley Extension catalog. There is a $15 charge for each copy of each course description requested.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Disclosure Policy

The UC Berkeley Extension Dean’s Office is responsible for maintaining Extension student records, and any questions about them should be addressed to the Dean’s Office in writing. View the policy governing the disclosure of information from student records. This policy provides for your right to be informed about where student records are located, to review your own records, to request corrections, to grieve alleged violations of privacy, to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information and to file complaints with the U.S. Department of Education. UC Berkeley Extension adheres to the privacy requirements in FERPA, the California Information Practices Act, and all other applicable federal and state laws and regulations that safeguard education records, privacy and confidentiality.

UC Berkeley Extension uses the contact information that you have designated in your student account as preferred to communicate with you for school administrative purposes. 

UC Berkeley Extension has designated the following as public information under the policy, and on request may release this information to the general public, including potential employers: student names; terms of attendance; and major fields of study, including any earned certificates or other program completion awards. You may opt out of releasing this information by logging into your student profile and changing your privacy settings.