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"I got the tools and the support to have the confidence to do it at Berkeley—it's awesome."
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Whether you're already a teacher or want a career in education, UC Berkeley Extension can prepare you for your next step. Fulfill requirements for a California teaching credential in adult education or career technical education. Take a class for professional growth, or complete a certificate in order to teach English as a second or foreign language (ESL/EFL) or to become a college admissions adviser. Enhance your teaching skills with courses on successful reading techniques, inclusion of students with special needs, strategies for teaching health concepts, integrating technology into the classroom and other essential topics. Courses are held in Berkeley, San Francisco, Belmont and online.


Kim Jones,
Designed Subjects Adult Education
Teaching Credential

Professional certificates and specialized programs of study

Professional certificates are the highest level of academic achievement from UC Berkeley Extension. Specialized programs of study provide focused subject concentrations to develop skills within specific disciplines. Learn more.

Graduate Mary Drain In Her Own Words

"The DSAE coursework filled a void by giving me instructional strategies I had not previously considered and putting names to what I had managed to do intuitively."

Meet Mary Drain, Braille Instructor and graduate of the Designated Subjects Adult Education (DSAE) credential program.

Find out about the real-life applications and impact of this UC Berkeley Extension credential program and hear her story.

I Want to Teach, But Where Do I Start?

Navigating how to become an educator—in the United States or abroad—and what skills and possible credentialing needed is not an easy path to navigate. UC Berkeley Extension offers myriad certificates and teaching credential programs to make sure that you're ready to succeed as an educator. But which program best fits your career goals? Choose your own education adventure with our new navigation tool. As you progress to your final destination, click on the certificate or teaching credential to get started!

Teaching Credentials

Designated Subjects Career Technical Education
A credential is a license that authorizes you to teach your occupation to adults, as well as to K–12 students in California public schools. Learn more.

Designated Subjects Adult Education
A credential is a license that authorizes you to teach academic and/or vocational subjects primarily for adults in California public schools.  Learn more.

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Ramu Nagappan
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