Whether you're already a teacher or want a career in education, UC Berkeley Extension has the program to prepare you for your next step. Fulfill requirements for a California teaching credential in adult education or career technical education. Take a class for professional growth, or complete a certificate enabling you to teach English as a second or foreign language (ESL/EFL) or to become a college admissions adviser. Study the theoretical knowledge and practical approaches to teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language. Enhance your teaching skills with courses on successful reading techniques, inclusion of students with special needs, strategies for teaching health concepts, integrating technology into the classroom and other essential topics. Most courses are held in Berkeley, San Francisco, Belmont and online.

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Professional certificates and specialized programs of study

Professional certificates are the highest level of academic achievement from UC Berkeley Extension. Specialized programs of study provide focused subject concentrations to develop skills within specific disciplines. Learn more.

Teaching Credentials

Designated Subjects Adult Education
This credential authorizes you to teach academic or general subjects primarily for adults. If your goal is to teach English as a second language, General Education Development (GED) preparation and/or vocational subjects to adults, then this program is right for you. Learn more.

Designated Subjects Career Technical Education
This credential enables you to teach your occupation to others. It maximizes your previous work experience to start a new career in teaching and allows you to teach vocational courses to grades 12 and below, as well as in classes primarily for adults. Learn more.

CLAD Through CTEL Update

UC Berkeley Extension's specialized program of study in Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) Through California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) offers a certification program for K–12 teachers to gain effective skills and knowledge to teach English learners, students whose native language is not English. Accredited by the state of California's Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), the program meets the updated competencies required for CLAD certification of K–12 teachers. Teachers who take this classroom-based curriculum do not need to take the CTEL exam.

For the convenience of teachers, we offer an accelerated CTEL program during the summer that can be completed in four weeks; we also allow teachers to combine CTEL exam and CTEL courses to receive their CLAD certificate. Contact the Education department at 510-642-1171 or extension-education@berkeley.edu.

Contact the Education Department

extension-education@berkeley.edu | (510) 642-1171

Ramu Nagappan 
Ramu Nagappan
Humanities and Education

Interim Program Director
College Admissions and Career Planning

Nithya Raghunathan
Nithya Raghunathan
Program Director
Clear Credentials, Designated Subjects Teaching Credentials and CTEL


Nancy Ryoo
Nancy Ryoo
Program Director
TESL, Teaching Chinese as a Heritage/Foreign Language, Technology in Education and Teaching Math