Jennifer Brandl
is the Associate Manager of Clinical Trials at Immune Design.

Class of 2013, Certificate Program in Clinical Research Conduct and Management
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Online Availability

Courses in this certificate are offered online and in the classroom.

Duration of Study

The certificate can be completed in two semesters (one year).

Estimated Cost


The human testing process, also known as a clinical trial, determines whether a drug, biologic or medical device is safe and effective before approval for marketing and sale. Regulations and guidelines govern the clinical trials process; thus, thorough knowledge of the procedures at every stage is essential. The Certificate Program in Clinical Research Conduct and Management—available either online or in a hybrid classroom/online format—enables you to master practical aspects of clinical trial conduct and management, including clinical trial phases and design, planning, implementation, data analysis, regulatory and procedural guidelines, and ethical considerations.

The curriculum is overseen by an advisory board of life-science and education leaders and approved by the University of California, Berkeley, College of Letters and Science, ensuring your education is relevant and up to date. Courses are taught by working professionals with many years of practical experience. Coursework in this certificate also meets continuing education requirements for nurses and clinical research professionals.