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Jarell Cruz is fully entrenched in his SF State CLS program and is doing clinical rotations at Kaiser Regional.
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Enhance your background to prepare for health professions programs, or further your education with coursework in advanced biosciences and biotechnology. Our coursework will help you

  • prepare you for advanced programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy and other health care programs;
  • stay current with the industry's latest developments and learn practical knowledge on topics of critical importance to life sciences companies; and
  • meet the math and statistics requirements to enter M.B.A. or other advanced degree programs; and
  • meet the requirements and improve your science grade point average to be a competitive applicant for graduate school or clinical laboratory science programs.
Jarell Cruz,
Science courses

Professional certificates and specialized programs of study

Professional certificates are the highest level of academic achievement from UC Berkeley Extension. Specialized programs of study provide focused subject concentrations to develop skills within specific disciplines. Learn more.

Working in Pharmaceuticals?

In the Drug Development Process: An Intensive Seminar, understand the processes that are vital to successfully bringing a biotechnology product to market. Interact with experts and colleagues from a wide range of disciplines in the biopharmaceutical industry. Leave with knowledge of the entire process, enabling you to understand industry terminology and work more effectively in multidisciplinary teams.

April 18–22
San Francisco Campus
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Meet Your Instructor

Steven Pon, Math for Management

"I'm interested in how online education increases access to courses for students with so many other commitments in their lives. I've taught students working for the Peace Corps in Africa, students working in Afghanistan, students who travel frequently for work, and students who just have full-time jobs or families and can't work a traditional, in-class, regimented course into their schedule. Helping students continue their education alongside the other aspects of their life and career is rewarding. When students tell me that something they learned in class has given them a new perspective on their work, or when they have gained a new understanding on a topic they've struggled with in the past, that's a good feeling for me as a teacher. My teaching style is to give students the right questions to ask and guide them along their own path of discovery. Teachers have to deliver ways of thinking and habits of mind that will be more useful to students in their future careers and studies."

Steven Pon, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in residence at the University of Connecticut. He is doing research in algebraic combinatorics and mathematics education.

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