Whether you're an industry professional or a college graduate preparing for an advanced degree, UC Berkeley Extension has the academic quality you need. Enhance your background with a variety of lower-division prerequisites and upper-division science courses to prepare for health professions programs, or further your education with coursework in advanced biosciences and biotechnology. Our coursework will help you

  • prepare you for advanced programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy and other health care programs;
  • stay current with the industry's latest developments and learn practical knowledge on topics of critical importance to life sciences companies;
  • meet the math and statistics requirements to enter M.B.A. or other advanced degree programs; and
  • meet the requirements and improve your science grade point average to be a competitive applicant for graduate school or clinical laboratory science programs.

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What is Precision Medicine and How Does It Impact You?

In January 2015, President Obama announced The Precision Medicine Initiative, a government-sponsored effort to improve how health care providers can enhance health and treat disease by using the information found in each person’s unique genome. Genomic medicine—as it is also sometimes called—is poised to revolutionize the way medicine is practiced, but it will take a concerted effort among scientists, heath care providers and, most importantly, the patients themselves. In this free public lecture, presented by Dr. Jeanette McCarthy, learn more about Precision or Genomic Medicine, including the basic underlying science, how it is being used today, and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Thursday, Aug. 13
6:30–8:30 pm
Golden Bear Center
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Meet Your Instructor

Jay Parrish, Organic Chemistry I

"The students are making huge sacrifices to be in class, given many have jobs and take other classes; some even have families to care for. This motivates me to give my best to them. The class sizes are small, so I can make connections with all my students, which makes for a better learning environment. My approach to teaching is distilling chemistry into its elements—no pun intended. I connect the material to real-world examples and applications. My goal is to strip the fear and loathing of chemistry away so that students can see the beauty of this amazing field."

Jay Parrish, Ph.D., M.B.A., has 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, where he has held roles as an antiviral drug discovery scientist and in business development. Parrish is passionate about sharing his love of organic chemistry with students.

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