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"I followed everything my instructor suggested and I ended up getting As on everything so I could apply to the CLS program."
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Enhance your background to prepare for health professions programs, or further your education with coursework in advanced biosciences and biotechnology. Our coursework will help you

  • prepare you for advanced programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy and other health care programs;
  • stay current with the industry's latest developments and learn practical knowledge on topics of critical importance to life sciences companies; and
  • meet the math and statistics requirements to enter M.B.A. or other advanced degree programs; and
  • meet the requirements and improve your science grade point average to be a competitive applicant for graduate school or clinical laboratory science programs.
Jarell Cruz,
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Professional certificates and specialized programs of study

Professional certificates are the highest level of academic achievement from UC Berkeley Extension. Specialized programs of study provide focused subject concentrations to develop skills within specific disciplines. Learn more.

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Online Prerequisites for the Health Professions

We offer numerous science and math prerequisite courses that you can complete fully online–from anywhere in the world. Pick and choose the courses that you need to fill the gaps in your transcript, raise your GPA and become a qualified, competitive applicant to graduate school or the health professions program of your dreams. Or, choose a course to advance in your current career. Or simply learn more about a subject you enjoy–our courses are tailored to fit your specific needs. You do not need to be registered for a specific certificate or program; simply enroll in a course and you're on your way. Get started today.

Meet Graduate Kristen Fortnum


The field of biological sciences is constantly evolving, what with new discoveries, research and novel techniques inundating a scientist on a daily basis. Staying on top of this plethora of information is part-and-parcel for those in the medical profession to create a healthier tomorrow. Such is the case for Cornell University alumna Kristen Fortnam–who graduated with a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences with a focus on microbiology. Currently a microbiology research technician at MIT, Fortnam has her eye on graduate study.

Despite this previous professional experience, she had identified gaps in her medical knowledge to be a competitive applicant. And so Fortnam enrolled in online science courses to "keep me up-to-date in the field, challenge me academically and fill any potential holes in my undergraduate studies."

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Meet Your Instructor: Kashif Ahmad


Kashif Ahmad is no stranger to teaching science courses. An instructor for UC Berkeley Extension for the past three years and at Northwestern Health Sciences University for the past eight, Ahmad has seen the online learning environment not only become more and more accepted as a means to teach anatomy and physiology to a global classroom, but also as a platform to implement new technologies to help students better understand the complex nature of his subjects.

"I thought that being an M.D. who taught pre-professional-level classes would be a great opportunity to do more critical thinking with my students online," Ahmad says. "It's flexible and new technologies allow me to better interact with my students. I can send voice notes, a media comment—this is the future."

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