About Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment enables students to enroll in UC Berkeley campus courses without formal admission to the University. Concurrent Enrollment is available only for spring and fall terms. Students interested in attending UC Berkeley campus courses during summer should visit the Summer Sessions website.

UC Berkeley Extension's Concurrent Enrollment program provides an opportunity for community members to enroll in UC Berkeley campus courses on a space-available basis; UC Berkeley students always have enrollment priority. Not all UC Berkeley courses are open for Concurrent Enrollment applicants (e.g. classes in the School of Law are not eligible for Concurrent Enrollment).

Concurrent Enrollment is intended for educational enrichment and short-term study and allows you to concentrate on a specific subject area, satisfy prerequisites for graduate school or earn units to transfer to your home institution. Contact your academic adviser or articulation officer regarding transfer credit to see if this option will work for you.

Concurrent Enrollment is also open to qualified high school students. Please see your high school adviser or counselor for information. Advisers may contact us via email at concurrent@berkeley.edu. UC Berkeley Extension does not confer degrees to students studying in UC Berkeley Extension programs, including students studying through Concurrent Enrollment. Participating in UC Berkeley Extension’s Concurrent Enrollment program does not in itself provide preference in admission to the University of California. Students interested in applying to UC should refer to the UC Admissions website or the admissions office of the UC campus they wish to attend for details about the admissions process. Regarding Berkeley-Equivalent (XB) courses taken through Concurrent Enrollment and their transferability into UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate programs, please refer to the following policies:

Deadlines and Schedules

Concurrent Enrollment Event Fall 2017 Spring 2017
Term application deadline 1 for international applicants July 1, 2017 Nov. 21, 2016
Program application opens Aug. 8, 2017 Dec. 5, 2016
Semester begins Aug. 16, 2017 Jan. 10, 2017
Instruction begins Aug. 23, 2017 Jan. 17, 2017
Term application deadline 2 for U.S. and online students
  • Deadline to apply for the term; pay the term application fee of $125 to gain access to the Concurrent Enrollment System to apply for classes.
Sept. 13, 2017 Feb. 8, 2017
Class Application Deadline (Add/Drop):
  • You can begin applying to specific classes for Fall 2017 on August 9, 2017.
  • Class application deadline: deadline to apply for classes (add) and to drop classes.**
  • Students will be billed for all class applications that are approved and that are still under review as of this date.
  • If you never attended a class or are no longer attending class and your class application has not been officially denied by the instructor, department, school or college, you must drop your class by this deadline to avoid being assessed course fees for the term.
  • A verbal arrangement with an instructor is not official enrollment approval. See Class Application Review and Enrollment Approval for instructions.
Sept. 22, 2017 Feb. 17, 2017
Grade Option Deadline 1:
Deadline to change from credit to Not for Credit (NC) or NC to credit; log into your account to drop the class and add it with the updated grade option at any time before this deadline.**
Sept. 22, 2017 Feb. 17, 2017
Deadline for Variable Unit Changes:
(Only applicable for variable unit classes)
Deadline to change number of units for variable unit classes; log into your account to drop the class and add it with the updated number of units at any time before this deadline.**
Sept. 22, 2017 Feb. 17, 2017
Invoices for Course Fees Available:
Invoices will be generated for all course fees by this date (includes each class to which you applied that is under review or that has an approval status of Approval Completed).
Sept. 26, 2017 Feb. 22, 2017
Payment Deadline:
All course fees including approved and in-progress class applications must be paid by this deadline to avoid late payment fees ($50 per course), registration and transcript blocks, and a lapse on being able to view or print your grades at the end of the term (includes each class to which you applied that is under review or that has an approval status of Approval Completed).**
Oct. 6, 2017 March 3, 2017
Grade Option Deadline 2:
Deadline to change grading option from letter grade to P/NP, or change grading option from P/NP to letter grade; log into your account to update your grade option at any time before the deadline. **
Oct. 27, 2017 March 31, 2017
Instruction ends Dec. 8, 2017 May 5, 2017
Final examinations Dec. 11–15, 2017 May 8–12, 2017
Semester ends Dec. 15, 2017 May 12, 2017

**Note that Concurrent Enrollment has special restrictions for deadlines (including class applications, add/drop, tuition refunds and grade options) that differ from other Extension courses. All classes that you do not plan to attend must be dropped prior to the add/drop deadline. You will be responsible for paying all fees for all class applications that are approved and that are still under review by the add/drop deadline. There are no refunds after the add/drop deadline unless your class application is denied.

Term Application Process

The information below outlines the term application process for international, U.S. and online applicants. Please note that all members of the UC Berkeley Extension community, including those participating in Concurrent Enrollment, are expected to act with honesty, integrity and respect for others. For further information, refer to:

International Students

International applicants must be officially invited by a UC Berkeley campus department to study in the Concurrent Enrollment program, and not every department accepts Concurrent Enrollment students. In addition, to be accepted, maintain F-1 visa status and be approved to continue your studies for an additional term(s), you must:

  • Have a minimum TOEFL score of 90 (iBT) or IELTS Academic Format score of 7.0.
  • Enroll full-time as defined by the inviting department (usually 12 semester units per term).
  • Pay all fees within designated deadlines.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory academic progress within the Concurrent Enrollment program.

International applicants must submit their campus invitation to study, submit the online international concurrent enrollment application and fee to Extension's International Student Administrative Services. To do so, create or log in to your student account, complete the questionnaire, submit the online application and check out to pay the fee.

Extension also issues you a Certificate of Eligibility Form I-20 for full-time study and sends you detailed information about fees and how apply for classes. Approval to attend individual classes is subject to review and approval by the instructor, department chair and/or dean (if applicable). Upon arrival in the U.S., you must attend a mandatory orientation session. For additional information, email UC Berkeley Extension International Student Services.

You will be able to apply for individual classes beginning August 15, 2016 if your term application has been approved.

U.S. and Online Students

Applicants from the U.S. or those who intend to study fully online during the term can begin the term application process online beginning Dec. 5, 2016 by starting an online application, creating or logging in to their student account, completing the questionnaire, submitting the online application, and checking out to pay the nonrefundable application fee. Submit your online application by the term application deadline for U.S. and online students.

You will be able to apply for individual classes beginning Dec. 12, 2016 if your term application has been approved.

Please note that there is no housing placement support available for U.S. students in the Concurrent Enrollment program. If you require housing placement support, please consider studying with Summer Sessions.

Applying for Classes

Before You Apply for Classes

Before entering your application for a class, please review and follow the policies for the campus department to which you are applying.

  • Haas Business School:
    • Financial Engineering graduate courses: Please email a C.V. to Diane Nguyen at dnguyen@haas.berkeley.edu to be considered for an invitation to study. International students who are invited to study must also submit an international application. Local and U.S. students who are invited to study must complete an online term application. Course fees are assessed at $3,100 per unit.
    • Undergraduate courses: Find eligible undergraduate courses at Haas School of Business.
  • Engineering College:
  • Law School: Classes in the School of Law are not eligible for Concurrent Enrollment.
  • Letters and Science Departments:
    • Economics: For undergraduates only - Please review additional information from the department.
    • Mathematics: After you check the Schedule of Classes to ensure that the class has available space with no waitlist, enter your application.
    • Physics: You must submit a supplemental application prior to completing a concurrent enrollment application. For more information, call (510) 642-0481 or visit 368 LeConte Hall on the UC Berkeley campus.
    • Psychology: Students who are interested in the UC Berkeley Psychology Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program should first apply for the term through the UC Berkeley Department of Psychology and then await further instruction.
    • For the following departments, go to the first class meeting to ask the instructor for approval to enroll in the class. If the instructor says that you may enroll, then proceed to enter your application.
      • Anthropology
      • English
      • Integrative Biology
      • Molecular and Cell Biology

Entering Your Class Application

Three to four business days after your term application is approved, you are emailed instructions for creating your CalNet ID. You apply for classes with your CalNet ID via CalCentral.

  • Use the Schedule of Classes to find classes that interest you.
    • Be aware that priority is given to UC Berkeley degree students for enrollment and waitlisting.
  • Log in to CalCentral, using your CalNet ID.
  • From the top of your CalCentral dashboard, click on My Academics.
  • Under Enroll, click on Apply to a Class. Use this form to submit a request for each primary class section you wish to take.
  • On each form, provide the class number for each primary class section you request.
    • Secondary sections such as discussions or labs will display automatically for you to request.
  • Variable Units: For classes offered for variable units, you will need to elect how many semester units you wish to earn for the term.
  • Grade Option: For each request, you will need to select a Grade Option e.g., Graded, Elective Pass/Not Pass or Not for Credit (Audited).
    • Not for Credit (Audited): If you wish to audit or if you do not wish to receive a grade or credit for the class, enter NC (Not for Credit). If you select NC, the minimum course fee (0–1 unit) applies. International students should discuss the Not for Credit grading option with International Student Services before selecting it as it could affect your F-1 visa status; email extension-intl@berkeley.edu for more information. Check with the department offering your class and your adviser before entering NC. If you are transferring credit, your school may require letter grading. Note that some departments—including East Asian Languages, Buddhist Studies, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Tibetan—reject any application requesting NC.
  • Enrollment approval is at the discretion of the instructor and academic department. Form submission does not guarantee enrollment. Please refrain from contacting instructors until classes begin.
For further information, please see step-by-step instructions for how to apply for classes.

Class Application Approval and Accessing Resources

Once you apply for a class or classes, your application(s) is forwarded to the instructor to begin the official campus review process. As your class application(s) are reviewed, approved or denied by the instructor, department and dean (if applicable), you will receive automatic email notifications; however, we recommend that you periodically log in to review the status of your class application(s). You are not officially enrolled in a class until the status of your class application changes to Approval Completed.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for applying for the correct class with the correct grade option and units and for ensuring that your application is reviewed in a timely manner by following up with the instructor and the departmental/dean reviewers. Please note that verbal approval from your instructor to take a class or to transfer into a class does not constitute official enrollment approval; the system must accurately display the status of your class application as Approval Completed. Frequently review the status of your course application ensuring that your enrollment status reaches Approval Completed in a timely manner. To avoid being assessed and expected to pay course fees, you must drop all classes that you do not plan to attend by the add/drop deadline (even if the class application was not fully approved by the add/drop deadline).

Cal 1 Card

All concurrent enrollment students will automatically have access to the UC Berkeley Cal 1 Card within 48 hours of application approval. This entitles you to a host of campus services including the Class Pass for public transportation, library privileges, access to the Recreational Sport Facility (RSF), and the ability to purchases dining points to use with CalDining. The Cal 1 Card is $250 each term.

Class Application Changes

Before the published deadlines, you can add or drop a class, change a grade option or change the amount of variable units. 

Exceptional Schedule Changes Past the Deadlines

The Add, Drop and Grading Option Deadlines are strictly enforced by UC Berkeley Extension. Also, international students studying on an F-1 Visa must maintain a full-time course load which is typically 12 semester units per term.


The deadline to withdraw from the term is the last day of instruction (Friday of RRR Week) at 4 pm.

  • All concurrent enrollments are subject to the published deadlines and academic policies of UC Berkeley Extension. Withdrawals after the add/drop deadline will result in a “W” grade and no refund of tuition.
  • The deadline to withdraw from the term is the last day of instruction (Friday of RRR Week) at 4 pm.
  • Failure to withdrawal by this date, even if you stop attending, may result in an "F" grade.

Fees and Payment

Fee Assessment and Payment

  • By the third business day after the add/drop deadline, you will be invoiced for class fees and will be required to pay the invoice(s) in full by the term payment deadline. Payment plans are not permitted.
  • You will receive an invoice for each class to which you applied that is under review or that has an approval status of Approval Completed. You will not be invoiced for any class applications that were either dropped or denied before the add/drop deadline.
  • Students can pay their fees online, in- person or by mail. International students can also pay by wire.
  • Failure to pay your fees by the published deadline may result in cancellation of your enrollment and removal of access to services.

Concurrent Enrollment Fees

Application and Other Term Fees

All students are assessed the following fee every term that they apply and register for concurrent enrollment:

  • $125 nonrefundable concurrent enrollment term application fee
  • $250 nonrefundable Cal 1 Card fee

International Applicants: In addition, international applicants must pay the following fees:

  • $200 nonrefundable international student fee
  • $700 health insurance fee each term (coverage is required of all F-1 international students who receive their Form I-20 from UC Berkeley Extension)

Course Fees

The fees per course unit are outlined in the tables below. For classes with a lab delivery format or instruction method, an additional $100 is charged (see Fee With Lab below).

Some programs charge a flat program and course fee per term or a higher per unit tuition rate; examples include the Berkeley Global Access Program, the Department of Psychology’s Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program, individual graduate courses in financial engineering ($3,100 per unit) and graduate online courses in integrated circuits ($2,200 per unit). Please consult the program or department for additional information regarding these fees.

Fees are subject to change.

Fee Per Course for Concurrent Enrollment
(Effective Fall 2017)
Units Fee Fee With Lab
and not
for credit
$750 $850
1 $750 $850
2 $1,500 $1,600
3 $2,250 $2,350
4 $3,000 $3,100
5 $3,750 $3,850
6 $4,500 $4,600
over 6 units No. of units times $750/unit No. of units times $750/unit + $100
  • Application fees are nonrefundable in all cases.
  • Make all checks payable to UC Regents. A $25 charge is assessed for returned checks.
  • There are no refunds after the add/drop deadline unless your class application is denied. If your class application is denied after the add/drop deadline and after you already have paid your course fees, you will receive a full refund of all course fees. Please note that special refund policies apply for the following programs: Berkeley Global Access Program, Semester in Berkeley and the Department of Psychology’s Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program, individual courses in financial engineering and online courses in integrated circuits. Please consult the program or department for additional information regarding its refund policies.

End of Term

Concurrent Enrollment Grades, Achievement Reports and Transcripts

Concurrent enrollment grades are imported from campus systems generally in mid-January for the fall term and in early June for the spring term. UC Berkeley Extension is the system of record for Berkeley-equivalent (XB) coursework taken through Concurrent Enrollment.

Per the UC Berkeley Academic Senate Regulation A208, campus matriculated students in the Concurrent Enrollment program should expect to see their courses, units and grade points transfer to the main UC Berkeley transcript in early February for the fall term and late June for the spring term. If A208 applies to you, you will need to order transcripts from both UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley Extension if you apply for any new academic programs in the future. More information.

To view and print your grades and achievement reports, please refer to Student Guide 6: Viewing and Printing Grades and Achievement Reports.

Please see Ordering Transcripts regarding information on how to request and pay for an official transcript.