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UC Berkeley Extension's programs and courses in technology and information management provide the innovative training you need to thrive in today's dynamic market. Get the latest approaches in enterprise solutions and leadership, integrated technical and business process management, business analysis, quantitative-based analysis and decision making, business intelligence and information administration, databases and applications development, computer languages, operating systems, electrical engineering and technology fundamentals. Courses are offered in Berkeley; San Francisco; Belmont; online; and, by request, on-site.

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New! Swift for Professionals

Apple's new Swift programming language is a successor and a significant improvement over Objective C. In addition to the basic syntax of Swift, you learn how the language should be used. This class is tailored for programmers who are already familiar with C++/C#/Java/Objective C, and assumes that you thoroughly understand object-oriented (OO) concepts and syntax. Learn more.

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Paul Emery
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Sean Butcher
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