Indexing: Theory and Application JOURN X477

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A good index greatly enhances a book’s usability and value, yet few writers and editors know how to construct this vital part of a nonfiction publication. Learn the fundamentals of writing, editing and delivering back-of-book indexes to publishing clients. You also learn the basic formats, guidelines and term-selection approaches of embedded and Web indexing using three major indexing software programs to complete several assignments.


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Strong language, reading, computer and Internet skills. A PC running Windows OS is highly recommended. Students enrolled in this course have free access to the student versions of three indexing software programs: CINDEX, MACREX and SKY. You must use all three programs for three short exercises in the first half of the course. (Afterward, you may choose one of the programs to complete the rest of the assignments.) Of the three programs, only CINDEX provides a version that works on the Macintosh OS. However, students using the Macintosh OS can successfully complete the course in one of two ways: (1) their Macintosh computers must have software such as Parallels Desktop for Mac or Microsoft Virtual PC to run Windows-compatible software; or (2) they must have access to a PC to complete the first three exercises in the course.


JOURN X477 - 011 Indexing: Theory and Application
2016-2017 - Ongoing 2016-2017
Heather Ebbs
  • Online
  • 45.00
  • 3 semester units
  • Course Fee credit (3 units) $695.00
Textbook (Mandatory) Indexes: A Chapter from The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed
Textbook ISBN: 9780226836140
University of Chicago Press
Copyright 2010
Textbook (Mandatory) Indexing Books
Textbook ISBN: 9780226552767
University of Chicago Press
Nancy C. Mulvany
Copyright 2005

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