Start Anytime and Fixed-Date Online Courses

Start Anytime Courses

Start Anytime online courses begin when you enroll in the course. From the date of enrollment, you have a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 180 days to complete the course (including the final exam or project). The 180 days begin when you enroll, not when you begin coursework. Course completion dates are strictly enforced.

Expect a minimum of 30 days per semester unit to finish by the course end date; for 3–4 unit semester-long courses, there is a minimum of 90 days of study. This allows for instructor-led interaction and feedback between assignments to get the most out of your class. You may only submit one module at a time, allowing at least a week for grading and feedback from your instructor. If you are unable to complete your coursework and do not officially withdraw from the online course before the completion date, you may receive a grade of F.

Fixed-Date Courses

Fixed-Date courses have specific start and end dates. Your access to the course content begins on the course start date. You will complete assignments within the specific dates posted in your online classroom, and as set by your instructor in the course syllabus.

Online Classrooms Orientation

Online Classrooms

UC Berkeley Extension hosts online classrooms in multiple systems. Most UC Berkeley Extension online classrooms are hosted at See “Other Systems” below if you are enrolled in Paralegal Studies or Semiconductor IC Design courses.

To log in to

  • First login:

    • After you enroll in a course, it will take approximately one hour before you can log in to

      • Fixed Date Courses: You can access your class on its start date.

      • Continuous Enrollment Courses: You can access your course approximately one hour after you enroll.

    • Go to Bookmark this URL and use it to access your online classroom going forward.

    • Click on the "First Time Logging in?" link under the "Forgot password?" link.

    • On the next screen, enter your Extension student account number in the Username field and click on the Request Password button.

    • You will receive an email with instructions on setting up a password for this site. Follow those instructions and create your password. Your Online Learning password may be different from the password you use to log in to your student account on the UC Berkeley Extension website.

    • Problems? If you are having difficulty logging in for the first time, please email for assistance.

  • Each additional login:

  • Quick Start Guide for Students

Other Systems

If you are enrolled in courses in the following programs, you will receive your login information by email within 1 to 3 business days after you enroll. Please contact the academic department for further assistance.

Proctored Exam-Taking Eligibility

Start Anytime Courses

Allot at least two weeks to complete the exam release process. Your instructor will need to approve the release of your exam. All of your coursework must be graded and you must meet the time-in-course requirement of 30 days per semester unit (90 days for courses that are 3 or more units). The exam must be completed by the 180th day of enrollment, which is your course end date.

To request instructor approval to take your final exam:

  1. Log in to your student portal
  2. Click on "My Proctored Exams" tab
  3. Click on the "Send Request" option

Once your exam is approved for release by your instructor, your request status will change from "Sent" to "Approved" and you will receive an email notification. The email will instruct you to log back in to your student portal. Under "My Proctored Exams" you will click "Select a Proctor."

Fixed-Date Courses

Your exam is available one week before the course end date and one week after the course end date.

Selecting and Assigning a Proctor

We recommend you identify your proctor after you enroll in the course and no later than midway through the course, to ensure that you are able to meet your course completion date.

Approved Proctors

View our approved Exam Centers. If you find a proctor on this list, do not submit a new proctor nomination. When your "My Proctored Exams" tab shows the "Select a Proctor" option, select this option and follow the prompts.

New Proctors

If you are unable to identify a proctor from the approved list, nominate a new individual or exam center. To submit a new proctor nomination, follow the steps listed under the "New Proctor Nomination Process" section.

Acceptable New Proctors are:

  • A university or professional testing/learning center.
  • A member of the National Testing Center Association (NTCA).
  • A high school principal or administrator (no middle or elementary school administrators)
  • A college or university faculty member
  • A public or university librarian
  • U.S. embassy or EducationUSA office staff (for international students)
  • Active Duty Military may nominate their Military chaplain or education officer

New Proctor Nomination Process:

  1. Log in to your student portal.
  2. Click on "My Proctors" tab.
  3. Click "Nominate a New Proctor," and submit the online form with the nominated proctor’s information:
    1. For an exam center list the name of the director with the center’s general email address.
    2. For individuals, list the email address associated with their place of employment.
  4. Exams Unit will send a verification form to the nominated proctor within 2 business days.
  5. The form must be completed and returned by the nominated proctor before the nomination can be reviewed.
  6. Within 2 business days after we receive the verification form, we will email our decision to you and the nominated proctor.

Note: Professional colleagues, personal acquaintances and relatives are not permissible proctors. Additionally, we do not manage proctors’ calendars. Contact your proctor directly to schedule your final exam.

Assigning your Proctor

Start Anytime Courses

After your instructor has approved your exam release, you may assign your proctor to your exam.

  • Log in to your student portal
  • Click on "My Proctored Exams"
  • Click on "Select a Proctor"
  • Click on "I would like to take this exam at an exam center"

Your final exam will be released within 3 business days after assigning your proctor to your final exam. You will receive an email notifying you when the exam has been sent. Contact your proctor directly to schedule your final exam.

Fixed-Date Courses
  • Log in to your student portal
  • Click on "My Proctored Exams"
  • Click on "Select a Proctor"
  • Click on "I will select one of my approved proctors"

One week before the opening of the exam availability window, we will begin releasing the final exam to your assigned proctor. You will receive an email notifying you when the exam has been sent. Contact your proctor directly to schedule your final exam.

Changing your Proctor

To change your proctor, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your student portal
  2. Click on "My Proctored Exams"
  3. Click on "Change Proctor"
  4. Click on "Change"
  5. For an approved exam center, select your alternate proctor from the drop-down menu
  6. For an individually approved proctor, select "Back" and "I will select one of my approved proctors"
  7. Proceed accordingly, and click "Finish" to save the changes

Email to notify us that you have changed proctors.

Taking Your Exam

Review your course syllabus or ask your instructor about exam requirements and other important information. Plan carefully to ensure you arrive on time.

Items to bring for your exam:

  • A government-issued photo identification card. Your legal name must match your student account name. To make any corrections to your name, email
  • A pen or pencil.
  • A pre-addressed, prepaid ($3.00) envelope addressed to:


    Exams, Student Services

    UC Berkeley Extension

    1995 University Ave., Suite 200

    Berkeley, CA 94704

Items not allowed during your exam:

  • Programmable and graphing calculators
  • Laptops or other electronic devices
  • Ebooks: If you purchased an ebook of your course text and a book is allowed for your exam, you will need to procure a hard copy of your book in order to use it on the exam.

If you are unable to keep an exam appointment, notify your proctor directly and notify Student Services at

After Your Exam

Within 3 business days of receiving the digital copy of your completed exam, we will forward the exam to your instructor for grading. Your final grade should be posted within 2 weeks from the time we received your exam. To view your final grade, log in to your student portal and select "My Enrollment History."

If you need a transcript, once your final grade is posted on your student portal, you can learn how to place a transcript order here.