Students enrolled or planning to enroll in a program or series of courses at UC Berkeley Extension are eligible to apply for a private alternative student loan. UC Berkeley Extension is not a Title IV institution, and therefore is not eligible for federal aid programs.

Private alternative student loans differ from federal student loans. Private educational loan eligibility and interest rates may be based on creditworthiness. Lenders may also offer variable rate loans with interest rates that change over time.

Eligible Expenses

  • Tuition costs (variable)
  • Course materials (e.g., textbooks, supplies, computers)
  • Cost of living expenses (for Program enrollees only)

You are free to borrow from any private lender of your choosing. Click here to review the list of UC preferred alternative private lenders. Your loan application must be approved and pending certification before you can register.

  1. Select your lender and apply for your loan.
  2. Upon approval, complete a Loan Certification Request.

We will contact you with any questions, and instructions for next steps.

Once approved through the application process a student loan check is disbursed to UC Berkeley Extension, payable to the student, and must be picked up in person at:

Golden Bear Center
1995 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704

UC Berkeley Extension is not approved to complete loan deferments for federally sponsored financial assistance (Title IV).

For other types of loan deferments, submit loan deferment forms, insurance forms and other such documents to

We are approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to only offer educational benefits if you are eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31); benefits are covered on the Voucher 1905 issued by your VA educational benefits counselor. Once you have determined that you are eligible for this benefit, please email

If you are a member of any University of California Alumni Association, you may receive a $50 discount on most of our courses. Alumni discounts are restricted to one course per term. You must request the discount at the time of enrollment. Please call (510) 642-4111 and have your membership card available.

You can use your Segal Education Award to enroll in courses and directly pay UC Berkeley Extension for your course tuition and fees.

To Enroll

Email to request an enrollment form. Log on to the AmeriCorps website and request to transfer the course fee to UC Berkeley Extension. Capture the screenshot of your AmeriCorps voucher and send the voucher and completed enrollment form to

UC Berkeley Extension offers a limited number of scholarships, each covering tuition up to $1,000, that can be applied toward enrolling in one or more courses. Read more about our scholarships.