UC Berkeley Extension is not eligible for federal aid programs as we are not a Title IV degree-granting institution.

Private student loans, however, are available to Extension students.

Here's how private educational loans differ from federal student loans:

  • Unlike federal loans, private student loans are not required by law to provide a range of flexible repayment options, including income-based and income-contingent repayment plans, as well as loan forgiveness benefits.
  • Private student loans are not always available to students regardless of income.
  • Private student loan lenders can offer variable interest rates that can increase or decrease over time, depending on market conditions.
  • The interest rate on a private loan may depend on the borrower's and/or co-signer's credit rating.
  • Private student loans have a range of interest rates and fees.

You are free to borrow from any private lender of your choosing; here is a list of UC preferred alternative private lenders. You should contact the lender of the private student loan if you have any additional questions.

Your loan application must be approved and pending certification before you can register.

  1. Email extension-finasst@berkeley.edu with your proposed class list.
  2. Pick up your check from our main office in Berkeley, Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–4 pm (except holidays). Have a valid government-issued photo ID with you.

The loan is certified for a maximum of the total amount of course fees, $150 for the certificate registration or application fee, and $150 per course for textbooks. We do not certify loans for living expenses.

Verification of Enrollment for Financial Aid Matters

UC Berkeley Extension is not approved to complete loan deferments for federally sponsored financial assistance (Title IV).

For other types of loan deferments, submit loan-deferment forms, insurance forms and other such documents to the Registrar's Office, Attn.: Records, at extension-records@berkeley.edu. Verification of student record information for employment and background reviews requires a fee and a signed release form from you. UC Berkeley Extension denotes on the forms you submit whether you are taking your coursework online. Please allow 3–5 business days for processing.

Below you will find the only programs that our veterans and their spouses can take advantage of.

Veterans' Benefits

We are approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to only offer educational benefits if you are eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31); benefits are covered on the Voucher 1905 issued by your VA educational benefits counselor. In most cases, Extension bills the VA for the full course fee and you work with your VA educational benefits counselor to obtain or get reimbursed for the books and materials, and parking.

Once you have determined that you are eligible for this benefit, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a student account on our website. Please note your student ID number (begins with an X).
  2. Select your program or course(s) on our website and note the course/section numbers.
  3. Email extension@berkeley.edu to request a veteran's benefit enrollment form. You will complete and submit this form to your VA education benefits counselor.
  4. Once the VA counselor has reviewed and approved the courses, he/she will fax it and your voucher to us. We will then affiliate your student account to the VA and process your enrollment.

If you think that you might require an academic accommodation, please contact Extension Disabled Students Services at extension-dss@berkeley.edu or (510) 643-5732.

Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA)

If you are a military spouse pursuing a certificate or program, this program provides you with financial assistance.


We do not support Cal Vet Tuition Exemption, tuition assistance for active military personnel nor DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support).

  1. Establish your MyCAA account.
  2. Create a free UC Berkeley Extension student account on our website. Please note your student ID number (begins with an X).
  3. Email extension@berkeley.edu for assistance with developing your Education and Training Plan. Please indicate your name, Student ID number and the program you are interested in pursuing.
  4. Create and submit your Education and Training Plan, selecting UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY as the designated school.
  5. Within 90 days of each course start date, a current MyCAA Financial Assistance voucher and a UC Berkeley Extension enrollment form must be submitted to:

    UC Berkeley Extension
    Attn: Sponsored Enrollment
    1995 University Ave., Suite 200
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    fax (510) 642-3910
    telephone (510) 642-4111
    email: extension-ar@berkeley.edu

    This document serves as a purchase order and authorizes UC Berkeley Extension to enroll you in the course and invoice MyCAA for enrollment fees.


Members of the California Alumni Association (CAA) and any other University of California Alumni Association are entitled to a 10-percent discount (maximum of $50) on enrollment fees for most of our courses. Alumni discounts are restricted to one course per term. You must request the discount at the time of enrollment. To receive the discount:

Please call (510) 642-4111 and have your CAA or UC Alumni membership card available.

Alumni discounts cannot be given retroactively, cannot be combined with any other discount and are nontransferable. The alumni discount does not apply to Concurrent Enrollment courses, the Oxford Berkeley Program and some additional Extension programs and courses.


You can use your Segal Education Award to enroll and directly pay UC Berkeley Extension for your course tuition and fees.

To Enroll

Complete the enrollment form, log on to the AmeriCorps website and request to transfer the course fee to UC Berkeley Extension. Capture the screenshot of your AmeriCorps voucher, attach it to your enrollment form and follow instructions on the form and send to extension-ar@berkeley.edu.

To Request a $150 Per-Course Textbook Allowance

After you successfully complete your course(s), print and complete the textbook allowance form (PDF), log in to your My AmeriCorps website and request to transfer the textbook allowance amount to UC Berkeley Extension. Save a copy or screenshot of the AmeriCorps voucher and attach it to your form and email to extension-ar@berkeley.edu.

Please note that while UC Berkeley is a Title IV participant school, most UC Berkeley Extension continuing education programs are non-Title IV programs. Although Extension is eligible to accept AmeriCorps funds as the continuing education division of UC Berkeley, UC Berkeley Extension administrators are not permitted to sign Title IV in-school loan deferments.