UC Berkeley Extension courses are open to the general public, unless otherwise indicated. Any course prerequisites are listed in the course descriptions. Enrollments are processed in the order received, so we recommend that you enroll early to ensure your spot. Payment is due at the time of enrollment unless otherwise specified in the certificate, course or section description. If you have accessibility questions or need to request accommodations, please visit the Disabled Student Services section.

Please use this website to search for and browse courses and programs of interest. When you are ready to enroll in a course, add the course to your shopping cart, create a student account (if you are new to Extension) or log in to your student account, and proceed to checkout. Once your enrollment is complete, you will receive an email receipt and confirmation.

If you need assistance with registration or have questions, please email extension@berkeley.edu.

Students are permitted to have only one student account with UC Berkeley Extension. Please notify us immediately if you discover that you have multiple student accounts.

Unless otherwise specified in the program, course or section description, you are not officially enrolled until all fees are paid in full. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Textbook information is listed in your course section. You may purchase your textbook from any vendor, but make note of the ISBN as publishers frequently update editions.

Extension cancels courses only when absolutely necessary, but we must reserve the right to do so, as well as to reschedule courses and change instructors.



You can add, drop or withdraw by logging into your student portal.

  • Classroom courses with 6 or more meetings: You can add or drop a course up to the second class meeting.
  • Classroom courses with 5 or fewer class meetings: You can add or drop a course up to the first class meeting.
  • Ongoing online courses: You may drop within 6 days of registering to receive a refund.
  • Fixed-date online courses: You may drop within 6 days of the course start date.

All drops are subject to a $35 processing fee.

Withdrawal after the drop deadlines are non-refundable at the time, and a "W" will appear on the student record. Withdrawal requests must be submitted prior to the course completion date.

Some courses may have different drop/add deadlines. Please consult the course description for more information.


Your name is added to the waitlist if your requested course section is full. On the website, full sections have a Join Waitlist button. You will be notified if space becomes available, and you will have 24 hours if you wish to accept the available seat. Instructors are not able to approve you to enroll in a wait-listed course.

Before enrolling, you are welcome to attend the first scheduled class in a course of 6 or more meetings if the course has available seats. For courses with 6 or fewer class meetings, you must be enrolled to attend. UC Berkeley Extension does not offer course auditing, and attending a course beyond these days is not permitted.

Enrollment deadlines and policies are strictly enforced. In cases where a student is unable to complete a course due to exigent circumstances beyond their control, requests for exceptions to enrollment policies may be submitted for review. Students must be withdrawn from the course prior to submitting an appeal, as exceptions will only be considered in circumstances where a student is unable to continue in a course.

Official, supporting documentation is required for all appeals. The statement of request and documentation should be sent to extension-appeals@berkeley.edu .

Appeals are most commonly approved for serious personal injury or illness, contemporaneous death of an immediate family member and military deployment. Appeals are generally denied for reasons related to employment changes, perceived quality of instruction, dissatisfaction with a course, dropping courses to avoid academic penalty, financial hardship, missing a deadline, and misunderstanding or failure to review policy.

Regardless of the appeal decision, a non-punitive grade of "W" (for withdrawal) will remain on your academic record. UC Berkeley Extension does not have a retroactive withdrawal option. See our website for information on grade appeals.

UC Berkeley Extension has the right to approve or deny any appeal. The review process can take 3–4 weeks.