UC Berkeley Extension's Disabled Student Services (EXDSS) provides equal access and opportunities to all of our offerings for persons with disabilities and special needs. To ensure access to our courses and programs, EXDSS facilitates collaboration between students, instructors, academic departments and the campus community, including the UC Berkeley Disabled Students' Program, which confirms eligibility of accommodations for all Extension students.

If you are a student with special needs, please contact the academic department and request to review the course syllabus to determine if you need academic support. If you find that you do, please contact EXDSS as soon as possible so that you can take full advantage of our resources and so that we can arrange any required support services for you in a timely manner.

Email: extension-dss@berkeley.edu
Call: (510) 643-5732
Fax: (510) 642-0374

We will send you instructions to request an intake appointment with the UC Berkeley Disabled Students' Program (DSP). Their office will review your disability documentation and determine your eligibility for academic accommodations. Read documentation requirements.

Complaints about the failure to timely authorize eligibility for an appropriate accommodation must be addressed directly with the UC Berkeley DSP through that group's informal or formal complaint resolution procedures.

Once your eligibility has been approved, you will work with EXDSS to implement your accommodations.

If you've used EXDSS before, please continue to work with this department each term to obtain updated accommodation letters.

Informal Resolution Procedures

We prefer to hear your concerns as soon as possible. If you wait longer than 30 days, our abilities to help resolve the matter may become limited.

In general, if you are dissatisfied with any EXDSS accommodations, the most expedient and informal process for resolving the problem is to directly contact Extension's Disabled Student Services Coordinator, Leone Silk:
(510) 643-5732

or the Director of Student Services: email at extension-registrar@berkeley.edu.

EXDSS Formal Resolution Procedures

If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached, you may pursue more formal resolution procedures for failure of UC Berkeley Extension to timely implement a Letter of Accommodation or to accommodate a student in a campus activity (discrimination on basis of disability). Please follow the resolution procedures outlined on UC Berkeley's Disability Compliance Office website.