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Student Success Stories

More Than Just Messages

On Thursday, March 27, 2013, Ken Mandelkern had an aha moment. It was after supper, and he was on the couch reading A Farewell to Arms as his kids slept upstairs and his wife, Annie,... continue reading More Than Just Messages

Turning an Aspiration Into a Career

In 2012, Ryan Barrett decided to go back to school. A variety of professional and personal factors led him to this career change. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a... continue reading Turning an Aspiration Into a Career

Trusting in Potential

“I remember being unable to sleep one night—and thinking about the various inadequacies of the job I was working at the time—and somehow realizing that writing was something I had been denying... continue reading Trusting in Potential

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Accounting Degree Review Ranks Our Certificate #2

We are proud to announce that our Certificate Program in Accounting is ranked #2 by the Accounting Degree Review, an independent resource for current and prospective accounting and finance... continue reading Accounting Degree Review Ranks Our Certificate #2

Discovering Your Voice in Flash Fiction

What kind of story can you tell with just 100 words? Turns out, you can write stories that are complete with plot, written with care and still within that limited word count. And Lynn Mundell,... continue reading Discovering Your Voice in Flash Fiction

Do the Side-Hustle!

Have you heard of the new career trend sweeping the nation? It’s called the “Side-Hustle” and it enables career changers to test the waters of a new career or pursue a passion without quitting... continue reading Do the Side-Hustle!

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