UC Berkeley Extension offers professional certificates, specialized programs of study and other organized curricula in a variety of subject areas.

Professional certificates acknowledge the highest level of academic achievement offered by UC Berkeley Extension. An academic advisory board comprising industry experts; University of California, Berkeley, professors; and UC Berkeley Extension academic staff oversees and approves the curriculum. Certification is an academically and professionally recognized credential that provides a competitive advantage when pursuing a new career or advancing in your current field.

Professional certificates comprise a minimum of 140 hours of coursework, generally 6–8 required and elective courses, in more than 20 subject areas. Nearly all of the coursework is university accredited, recorded in a permanent transcript and thus eligible for transfer credit. Most programs can be completed in less than two years, but most programs allow students up to five years to finish.

Specialized programs of study offer focused subject concentrations that allow you to develop a skill set within a specific area or discipline. Each specialized program of study generally comprises 3 or more coordinated courses exploring a targeted subject area and typically fulfills 30–90 hours of coursework. Many carry continuing education units (CEU) or other professional licensure credits.

Take a credential program if you want to enter the teaching profession in the areas of adult or vocational education.

Many professions require practitioners to meet continuing education goals to remain licensed or accredited in their fields. Extension offers a wide variety of courses approved to meet these requirements. Course offerings vary each term, and new courses are continually in development.

Substitutions and Transfer Credit

All course substitution coursework—including UC Berkeley Extension course substitutions and transfer credit—must not exceed one-fourth of the total number of semester units and hours of the program.

Contact the program director to request a course substitution, waiver or transfer credit.

Transfer Credit

For transfer credit, you must provide the program director with your official transcript from a regionally accredited university or college, and the description for the course you wish to transfer.

Transfer credit will only be accepted if:

  1. Your substitution coursework—including UC Berkeley Extension course substitutions, transfer credit and waivers—does not exceed one-fourth of the total number of semester units/hours required for the program.
  2. You have obtained a B or higher grade in all transfer coursework.
  3. You completed all transfer coursework at a regionally accredited university or college.
  4. You completed all transfer coursework within five years of beginning your program at UC Berkeley Extension.

Accepted transfer credit within the UC system is calculated into your program GPA.

Accepted transfer credit from institutions outside of the UC system is not calculated into your professional certificate or specialized program of study GPA.

Conversion of Semester and Quarter Units

  • 1 semester unit = 1½ quarter units
  • 2 semester units = 3 quarter units
  • 3 semester units = 4½ quarter units
  • 4 semester units = 6 quarter units

Other institutions may accept UC Berkeley Extension credit toward an undergraduate degree, but acceptance is always determined by the institution to which you are applying. Policies regarding the acceptance of Extension credit toward graduate degrees vary widely among institutions and individual programs. Check with your institution and adviser before enrolling.

Increase your knowledge in one or multiple fields by completing different programs. You can use up to one-fourth of one certificate's semester units or instructional hours to fulfill another certificate's requirements. Contact the Academic Department for additional information.