The following guidelines are for use by UC Berkeley Extension partners and overseas representatives who wish to develop ads, flyers, brochures, web pages or other promotions for UC Berkeley Extension programs. We very much appreciate your interest in our programs, and look forward to working with you to develop effective promotions that will meet your needs and comply with UC Berkeley Extension institutional standards and requirements.

Important Details

  • Any use of the UC Berkeley Extension or UC Berkeley name or logo in an advertisement, flyer, brochure, website or other promotional vehicle must be approved in writing by UC Berkeley Extension before publication.
  • We would like to help you in any way we can to develop high-quality promotions that meet our institutional requirements. Please involve us in planning your promotions as early in the development process as possible.
  • While we always try to get back to you as soon as possible with approvals and/or requests for changes, substantial changes are sometimes required. Therefore, please do not purchase media space or commit to a printing date until you either have an approved proof in hand or have a written commitment from UC Berkeley Extension to deliver an approval by your required deadline.

How to Develop Your Own Promotions

  1. Plan. Before you start to develop your promotion, please discuss it with your UC Berkeley Extension contact and reach an agreement on the plan (target market, message, type of promotion, etc.), on the content to be included about UC Berkeley Extension, and on the project schedule.
  2. Text. If you are writing text about our programs, please provide that text to your UC Berkeley Extension contact before you start to design. If your text is in a language other than English, please also provide a translation in English. If you would like to use text from materials already published by UC Berkeley Extension, let your contact know what text you would like to use. The UC Berkeley Extension or UC Berkeley academic department offering the program, as well as UC Berkeley Extension’s Communication and Marketing Services department, will review the text, edit it as appropriate and e-mail you our approval and/or our request for changes.*
  3. UC Berkeley Extension and UC Berkeley logo and other images. Before you start a design, please request our logo and any other UC Berkeley Extension or UC Berkeley images that you would like to use. Be sure to let us know all necessary production specifications (size, color, etc.) and the electronic file format needed.
  4. Permission to use photos, art, or quotes. If you wish to include photos, art, or quotes other than those provided by UC Berkeley Extension, please obtain written permission to publish from the photographer or artist, as well as from any person whose photograph or quote will appear, and please forward a copy of these permissions to us along with the ad.*
  5. Design. After you have developed an initial design of your ad or brochure, please email us a PDF file of the design. We will review it and email you our approval and/or our request for changes.*
  6. Final approval. After you have made any requested changes, please email us a new design file for our approval. It’s important that you obtain our written approval on the final design before your promotion goes to the publisher or printer.*
  7. Sample for our files. After the ad has run or the brochure or flyer has been printed, please mail us a printed copy for our files. In the case of a web page, please email us the URL when it is live.

*Promotions must be reviewed by several UC Berkeley Extension and/or UC Berkeley departments. Please allow up to one week for text approval (or two weeks if editing is required), and allow an additional week for review of your initial design. Final approval, if we are only checking changes, will normally be completed in two or three business days.

Would You Like Us to Develop Promotions?

You are welcome to inquire about our availability to develop an ad, flyer, leaflet, or other promotion for your use. The time required will vary according to the nature of the promotion and your own role (for example, whether you develop text and/or supply images). For a typical ad or flyer, you should allow about six to eight weeks from the time you submit text and complete production specs to receipt of a final, approved electronic file.

Representing UC Berkeley Extension at Fairs and Events

When representing UC Berkeley Extension at a fair or event, all signage, program ads, participant lists, etc., should use the correct name “UC Berkeley Extension” when referring to the International Diploma Programs, College Foundations Program or Evening Certificate Programs, not “UC Berkeley.” Only the Berkeley Global Access program and the Berkeley-Haas Global Access Program may be referred to with the “UC Berkeley” name. The use of the school colors (blue and gold) would also be appropriate. Please let us know if you need additional brochures or any other materials to distribute at the event, and allow at least four weeks for shipping brochures and materials.

Questions and Next Steps

Your contact at UC Berkeley Extension will be happy to answer any questions about these guidelines and to work with you to begin planning your next promotion.

Thank you again for your interest in our programs.

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