Get an early start on earning university credits while completing your high school education.

Students in grades 10–12 (or recent high school graduates) can take up to 12 semester units of online Berkeley classes each term—the same courses our undergraduates take! Learn from Berkeley instructors in our digital learning environment. Gain learning and studying skills so that you can succeed at a top-ranked U.S. university.

Experience high-impact learning and create meaningful relationships with your classmates. Receive individualized advising and coaching from student mentors and tutors.

Program Benefits

  • Start in fall, spring or summer semesters.
  • Attend special admissions advising sessions and academic development workshops, and learn about life as a U.S. college student.
  • Take courses at convenient times for your location and schedule.
  • Participate in a collaborative learning community.
  • Join an international, inclusive and diverse student body.
  • Learn in small, Live Online classes of only 15 to 45 students (as opposed to large lectures of 300 to 1,000 classmates).

Talk to an Adviser

Online University Prep Representative Mia Liang
"I'm excited to help high schoolers from around the world get a head start on their college career!"

—Mia Liang, Berkeley Global Adviser

What You'll Study

Choose from classes that fulfill key prerequisites from majors across various subject areas. We recommend that you take 4–8 units (1–2 courses) each semester.

Upon completion, you receive a transcript from UC Berkeley Extension, the administrative department of Berkeley Global.

Digital Learning

Replicating the in–class experience, the Live Online format fosters community and interaction with peers and your instructor through group projects with real-world relevance.


Attend scheduled online sessions with your instructor and classmates where you participate in engaging lectures, collaborate with classmates and the instructor, and apply the course material in discussions and break-out sessions.

Immediate Feedback

Real-time interaction means instant feedback. Your questions get answered immediately.


Respond to instructor-posed questions. Chat with other students about the course content and group projects.

Program Structure

Your instructors

You'll have direct access to your instructors who are some of the leading minds in the world in cutting-edge topics. They are as passionate about their fields as they are about teaching!

Just like a classroom course, your instructor assigns reading materials from a textbook, from within the course modules, and perhaps other mediums such as videos or podcasts.

Your instructor is available, even if he or she is remote. Ask questions about the material. Consider these opportunities as the equivalent of staying late after class to ask your instructor questions in person.

Whether you're living in the San Francisco Bay Area, across the nation, or somewhere around the globe, you can get Berkeley-quality education with that in-class feeling without leaving home.

Instructor Stephen Torres is excited about learning in this new format!

Qualify for the UC Santa Barbara Gateway Program

Students who complete 30 semester units in this program during their high school and pre-college education can extend their University of California education with guaranteed admission into the University of California, Santa Barbara, the 34th-ranked university in the United States. You will be considered an incoming sophomore. Learn more about the UC Santa Barbara Gateway Partnership.


Fee includes:

  • Courses
  • Student advising
  • Personal academic advising
  • Orientation
  • Digital transcript

Program and Application Dates

Spring 2021 Semester

February 15–May 24 (13 weeks)

Apply by January 15

Summer 2021 Semester

June 1–August 24

Apply by May 1

Admissions Requirements

You must be a high school student or recent high school graduate and have proven proficiency in English. Some courses have strongly recommended prerequisite knowledge and skills.

English-Proficiency Language Requirements

Because English-language proficiency test centers are closed due to COVID-19, you can meet our English-language requirement in any of the following ways:

Test Scores

  • TOEFL: 90
  • IELTS Academic Format: 7
  • DAAD: C1
  • Cambridge C1 Advanced
  • TEM-4 or TEM-8: 70

Scores must be from the past two years.


You can request an interview in your application if you have earned any of the following minimum scores:

  • TOEFL: 79-89
  • IELTS Academic Format: 6.5
  • TOEIC: 700 or above
  • ELS Level 112 with an ELS GPA of 3.0


  • You can satisfy the English-Language Proficiency requirement if you have passed an interview with a UC Berkeley Extension recruiter. Interviews are held in your home country.


You may request a waiver if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • You have completed one year of full-time academic instruction entirely in the English language.
  • You have successfully completed an academic program in a country where English is the official language.
  • You are from a country on the exempt list. Contact an adviser for more information.

Berkeley Global can also provide English-proficiency screening as an additional service.

Frequently Asked Questions for Berkeley Global Program for Freshmen

What type of credit is being offered?

Berkeley Global Online courses carry the Extension XB credit designation, which means they have been approved by the Berkeley Academic Senate and are equivalent to courses taught at Berkeley. Students have transferred XB credits successfully to colleges and universities across the United States.

How will I take my classes?

Your Live Online courses are delivered through our Canvas Learning Management system. After admittance into the program, you will work with your adviser to identify a course load that best meets your academic goals. You will also attend an online orientation to prepare you for your studies.

How will courses be scheduled to fit various time zones?

Most Berkeley Global Live Online courses will be offered in morning, evening, and weekend sections to accommodate students from around the world.

What if I can't start the class on the date that it begins?

Stay in close contact with your instructor or your Berkeley adviser and be clear about your scheduling conflicts. You may be switched to a different section of the same course that better fits your schedule.

Will I be able to access a recorded lecture if I want to do additional studying?

We advise our instructors to record all of their live lectures so that you can review them afterward.

Can I attend office hours?

Yes. Your instructors will be available for live, virtual office hours and discussion.

How will I be graded for these classes?

Just like Berkeley campus courses, grades are based on attendance, participation, assignments and exams.

How long will the classes and coursework take me to complete each week?

This depends on your course selection and your schedule. Weekday classes will last 90 minutes and are held twice a week, for a cumulative total of (at minimum) 12 classroom hours per week. Weekend classes may be offered in 3–hour blocks once a week. Each class might require 1–3 hours of additional preparation.

English is not my first language. Is there language support?

Language and writing support will be offered through the Berkeley Student Learning Center.

What if I miss a class?

Different instructors have different policies about makeup work and attendance. This will be clearly detailed on your course syllabus. You can always check with your instructor about his/her expectations.

What kind of computer and operating system do I need?

The two primary tools you'll need to run on your computer are Canvas and Zoom. Both work well across operating systems and devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, etc.), as well as within modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.). For more detailed hardware specifications, please see the requirements for Canvas and Zoom.

What video platform will I need to use?

You will not need a special video platform. Canvas is a web application that you log into with your browser. Canvas will show videos in its own web application. Links to third-party video platforms that your instructors share will also be viewed within your browser (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). On a smartphone, you may also elect to download supportive applications (YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, etc.), but these are not required as both Canvas and Zoom can run within a browser.

Which web browser should I use?

Most modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.) are compatible with Canvas and Zoom, the two primary tools you'll use in class. Whichever browser you prefer, be sure to keep it up to date for compatibility, functionality and security.

Do I need more than one monitor?

One is enough, but you may prefer additional screen space.

Does my Internet need to work at a certain speed?

Both Canvas and Zoom are impressively dynamic and can scale as needed. For example, Canvas is designed to accommodate low speeds, and Zoom will support audio only if the network is insufficient for video, or will show one person or more if it determines your speed is sufficient. Zoom also provides direct phone access through multiple lines if your network is down. Here are some network tips from Zoom.

What do I do if my Internet is consistently unstable and I'm not able to access the live lectures?

It is recommended that you contact your instructor and watch the recorded lecture as soon as your Internet is available. If your network is frequently unreliable, speak to an adviser to make learning accommodations.

Can I pay the cost in installments?

After you are accepted, you will receive an invoice via email with instructions on how to pay your fees. In order to reserve your space in the program, you must remit your program fees a minimum of 30 days before the first day of class. Payments must be made directly to UC Berkeley Extension in U.S. dollars.

Can my high school or college advising company pay for me to attend this program?

If you are receiving funding from your school or another organization, upload a letter from the organization in the Additional Documents section of the application on official business letterhead, including a signature showing your name and the amount of support.

If I want to discontinue the program, what is the refund policy?

You have until one week after the course starts to request a refund. Refunds will not be given on tuition after the first week of instruction.