Wherever you look on campus, you'll see the brightest students and faculty from all over the world gathering together to build friendships and learn from one another. Berkeley is known for welcoming students from all nationalities—we are part of a global community. Not only are you welcome here, but you belong here.

Berkeley celebrates diversity—the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley are among the most diverse places in the entire country. Nearly 35% of San Francisco residents were born outside of the U.S. What does this mean for you? You'll be studying in—and becoming part of—a community that values where we came from and is excited about where we're going.

What to Do in Berkeley

Downtown Berkeley offers cinemas, live theater and music, among other attractions. Berkeley is also home to diverse cultures, food and traditions unique to California, but also from around the world. Living in Berkeley means getting to know the UC Berkeley campus, sampling local organic foods at a weekend farmers' market, relaxing at a sidewalk café or enjoying a hike in the wooded Berkeley hills.

What to Do Outside of Berkeley

From Berkeley so much is within your reach. San Francisco is just a 20-minute ride away on public transportation. Explore the United States' oldest Chinatown, world-class museums and shopping, historic Victorian architecture and more. Looking to get out of town? Napa Valley, with its wineries and restaurants, is just an hour north. You can also fly to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, or drive to Lake Tahoe where you can enjoy summer on the lake or visit a ski resort during the winter. Yosemite National Park—featuring spectacular rock formations, hiking trails and waterfalls—is also within driving distance. If you prefer the water and coast, take a drive down to Monterey or Big Sur. Whatever your interest, Berkeley's location means you're close to it all and can always discover something new.

Events and Activities

Want to learn more about what's going on around town and what the locals do for fun? Check out the websites below and find out about new cultural events, news and more from all around the Bay Area.