Picture yourself living in Berkeley or San Francisco.

Dormitories and Student Residences

Dormitories are recommended if you want a structured atmosphere with opportunities to meet new people through planned activities. Meals are sometimes provided, and you will likely have a roommate who is not a UC Berkeley Extension international student.

Private or shared Apartments

Apartments are recommended if you want to be more independent or prefer a quieter atmosphere for studying.


A homestay is a private room in a local family home, and homestay opportunities are available in San Francisco, Berkeley and nearby areas. Features include meal options, Wi-Fi, laundry, use of family areas and English spoken in homes. We recommend using one of the homestay programs listed at Universal Student Housing.

Choosing a place to live depends on your interests, preferences and budget.

With options available in both Berkeley and San Francisco, you can live in the bustling atmosphere of a dormitory, enjoy the independence of a private or shared apartment, or get the personal attention of a homestay.

We encourage you to research options and confirm housing before arriving by directly contacting any of the housing providers below. We can help you contact these housing providers, but the housing agreement is between you and the housing provider, not the University of California. We do not endorse any of the following housing providers but offer them for informational purposes only. Make sure you read and analyze all details and contracts for your off-campus housing before making any legal commitments.

Housing Assistance

Want to learn more about housing in Berkeley and the Bay Area, average prices, tips for finding housing and more? Check out the UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly (GA) resource The GA's Housing Guide: Best Practices for Finding Housing and 10 Things to Know About Housing in Berkeley, created by the Berkeley International Office (BIO).

For additional assistance or information, please download and complete the Housing Interest Form (PDF) and email any questions to extension-housing@berkeley.edu.

Once you are accepted into a UC Berkeley Extension program, you will also be granted access to a private Berkeley housing Facebook group. This group is a great resource as members often share new housing resources, tips and posts about housing or room openings.

Dormitories and Student Housing

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Private or Shared Apartments

In Berkeley

In San Francisco