Please note that University and public health guidelines determine whether the Professional Internship Program will be offered in person or remotely.

Applying is a three-part process:

Part 1: Attend a program information session

Please check the events page for the next session or email for more information.

Part 2: Upload Your Application Materials

Once you are logged in to your Extension online student account, you will see the application.

Your application can always be found under "My Applications and Registrations" in the account menu.

Use this format for naming your files: firstnamelastnamedocument.pdf. Please use romanized English (do not use special characters like ñ and ø). For example, Janaé Doe would name her statement of purpose janaedoestatementofpurpose.pdf.

Please ensure that your documents are readable.

Personal Statement

Please refer to this guide as you write your personal statement. Your completed personal statement should not exceed one page in length.

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself

Briefly introduce yourself. Explain your career goals and your interest in the program.

Paragraph 2: Expand on your skills

Give two concrete examples of experiences you have had that would qualify you for an internship in your area of interest. Examples can include: work, academic project, research or volunteer experience. Prior work experience is NOT required.

  • Describe the experience.
  • What specific, relevant skills are demonstrated by this experience?
  • How will this experience help you succeed in the internship?

Paragraph 3: Conclusion

Explain how participation in this program would fit with your career goals and why you would be a strong candidate.


Submit a U.S.-style résumé using the template below. A résumé is a marketing document that should demonstrate your value to a company and persuade them to interview you.

A résumé not in the required format may result in your application being rejected from the program.

Refer to our résumé guidelines (doc) for the required format, tips, and a template to use in preparing yours.

Proof of Enrollment

Upload proof of enrollment in a UC Berkeley Extension certificate program, such as a screenshot of your enrollment confirmation in the Student Portal.

Note: In order to be eligible, you must plan on completing a UC Berkeley Extension or Berkeley Global full-time or part-time professional certificate by the start of the internship (i.e., the second term of the program) OR have completed a UC Berkeley Extension or Berkeley Global full-time or part-time certificate within the past year.

Part 3: Meet with the Career Services team

After you submit your application, you must make an appointment to meet with the Career Services team within 3 business days, or your application will be canceled. Information on making the appointment will be provided upon receipt of your application. Missing the meeting will result in cancellation of your application.

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