Hematology MCELLBI X499.4

Course Description

Study fundamental concepts of hematology—primarily human—including blood-forming organs and the origin and function of blood cells and plasma. You also examine the theoretical and clinical aspects of normal and pathological conditions of erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets, coagulation and blood group systems.


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One year of college-level general biology for majors


MCELLBI X499.4 - 018 Hematology
2014-2015 - Ongoing 2014-2015
Reza Majlesi
  • Online
  • 45.00
  • 3 semester units
  • Course Fee credit (3 units) $850.00
Textbook (Mandatory) Clinical Laboratory Hematology
Textbook ISBN: 9780135137321
Prentice Hall
Shirlyn B. McKenzie and J. Lynne Williams
Copyright 2010
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MCELLBI X499.4 - 017 Hematology
2015-2016 - Summer 2015
Reza Majlesi
Mon, Wed 6:30PM - 9:30PM
3 Jun 2015 to 22 Jul 2015
UC Berkeley Extension Golden Bear Center
Classroom 202
  • Classroom
  • 15
  • 45.0
  • 3 semester units
  • Course Fee credit (3 units) $880.00
Textbook (Mandatory) Clinical Laboratory Hematology
ISBN: 978-0135137321
Prentice Hall
McKenzie and Williams

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