College Preparation Program for Weiming

Education and Culture at a World-Class Institution

The College Preparation Program for Weiming is a high-impact educational experience at UC Berkeley Extension for students currently enrolled in Chinese high schools.

During two semesters, Weiming students take the following courses to bolster the academic skills needed for admission to and success in U.S universities. Students take courses in either a liberal arts or a STEM track:

  • SAT and TOEFL Test Preparation
  • Pre-Calculus/Calculus
  • U.S. Culture and Academic Skills
  • Personal Essay and Academic Writing
  • ESL Listening, Speaking and Reading
  • Service Learning
  • Electives: Physics and Chemistry

Under direct supervision of our faculty, students will learn how to be self-driven, inquisitive, and develop the academic skills necessary for success and university admission. Studies culminate in a capstone project.

Additional Features of This College Preparation Program

College Counseling

Students are assigned college admissions counselors who provide 10 hours of 1-on-1, individualized college application support.

During these advising sessions, students will perform self-assessments; research best-fit universities; and receive coaching on the application process, including how to obtain compelling recommendation letters and writing an authentic and effective personal statement.

UC Berkeley Undergraduate Student Mentorship

Students will be matched with UC Berkeley undergraduate volunteer student mentors based on their capstone project and extracurricular interests. In addition to assisting students in their transition to life in Berkeley, student mentors serve as academic coaches and research thought-partners, further supporting students in their capstone project development.

Transcripts and Certificates

Students will receive a UC Berkeley Extension transcript and certificate of completion, signed by the Dean.