Boost Your Skills

Fine-tune your education with a precise curriculum that will prepare you to enter or advance in your field:

Professional Certificates

  • highest level of academic achievement offered by UC Berkeley Extension
  • minimum of 140 hours of coursework
  • usually 6-8 required courses and electives
  • achieve intellectual mastery and technical expertise in your chosen field
  • qualifies as an academic credential, which may be included on a résumé

Professional Programs

  • focused subject concentrations
  • usually 3 or more coordinated courses
  • develop a skill set within a specific area or discipline
  • can carry continuing education units (CEU) or other professional licensure credits

Teaching Credentials

  • take a credential program if you want to enter the teaching profession in the areas of adult or vocational education

Boot Camps

  • skilled instructors with three years minimum in the field
  • dynamic learning experience with face-to-face interaction
  • first-hand technical experience and collaborate in teams on a host of real-world problems
  • job hunting support throughout and beyond the length of the course

Student Success Stories

Project Management graduate Hazel Johanson, wearing glasses and smiling, outside with a green leafy background

Project Management Career Boost

Certificate Program in Project Management graduate Hazel Johanson is no stranger to managing project schedules.

With our certificate, Hazel is rounding out her skill set. From planning and... continue reading Project Management Career Boost

Jaimee Drew learning forward and facing the camera

Earning Certificate Brings Job Promotion

Sometimes all it takes is one opportunity at work to change your career direction. For Jaimee Drew, it was being asked to join a team for a credit union’s organizational project.

Fashion-Forward to Copywriter

Specialized Program in Professional Writing graduate Helen Schultheis has a “great love for storytelling, and a knack for educating and entertaining consumers.”

This is not surprising:... continue reading Fashion-Forward to Copywriter

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Latest Voices Blog Posts

Headshot of UC Berkeley Extension accounting instructor Dr. Ehab Saad wearing a dark bue suit with brown background

Fall in Love With Accounting

Ehab Saad, Ph.D., CMA, CFM, has a magical word that he believes makes him a successful teacher: love.

He loves teaching. Specifically, Ehab loves teaching numerical subjects such as... continue reading Fall in Love With Accounting

Icons showing various stages of project management process

Deconstructing the Project Management Process

What is a project? “A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.”

Stock photo of a woman with arms crossed behind her head in relaxation after working on her novel on a laptop.

Your Written Masterpiece Is Not Yet Finished

You started a piece of fiction or nonfiction in a recent writing class or workshop, and since that course has ended, so has your writing. What are the next steps to keep your work-in-progress from... continue reading Your Written Masterpiece Is Not Yet Finished

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