Boost Your Skills

Fine-tune your education with a precise curriculum that will prepare you to enter or advance in your field:

Professional Certificates

  • highest level of academic achievement offered by UC Berkeley Extension
  • minimum of 140 hours of coursework
  • usually 6-8 required courses and electives
  • achieve intellectual mastery and technical expertise in your chosen field
  • qualifies as an academic credential, which may be included on a résumé

Professional Programs

  • focused subject concentrations
  • usually 3 or more coordinated courses
  • develop a skill set within a specific area or discipline
  • can carry continuing education units (CEU) or other professional licensure credits

Teaching Credentials

  • take a credential program if you want to enter the teaching profession in the areas of adult or vocational education

Boot Camps

  • skilled instructors with three years minimum in the field
  • dynamic learning experience with face-to-face interaction
  • first-hand technical experience and collaborate in teams on a host of real-world problems
  • job hunting support throughout and beyond the length of the course

Student Success Stories

Graduate Raul Acosta stands in front of a wall covered in ivy

Learning Various Functions of the Business World

I’m an international student from El Salvador who has been studying business.Before coming to UC Berkeley Extension, I finished my bachelor’s degree in business administration at Universidad... continue reading Learning Various Functions of the Business World

Sarah Sprague standing in front of a concrete wall

Understanding Her Own Personal Finances

For some, online advice and tutorials provide enough information to keep their finances on track. For others—like Sarah Sprague—having a more structured learning environment is preferable.

Post-Baccalaureate Health Professions Program graduate Jayinee Basu stands in front of a gray wall with sunlight on her shoulder

The Caesura That Led to Medical School

While Jayinee Basu was pursuing her double major in literature/writing and political science—with a minor in studio art—at the University of California, San Diego, the thought of becoming a doctor... continue reading The Caesura That Led to Medical School

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6 Takeaways From Our Informational Interviewing Webinar

Informational interviews can play a powerful part in your career development. Following best practices can make all the difference in forging mutually beneficial career connections.

Data analyst gazing at glass wall covered in reflected data

Data Analysis Needed in a Slew of Careers

A 2018 survey from labor-market data firm Burning Glass revealed more than 150,000 nationwide listings included data analysis in the job title; more than 27,000 of those jobs were located in... continue reading Data Analysis Needed in a Slew of Careers

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