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Student Success Stories

books stacked on top of each other

More Than Just Messages

On Thursday, March 27, 2013, Ken Mandelkern had an aha moment. It was after supper, and he was on the couch reading A Farewell to Arms as his kids slept upstairs and his wife, Annie,... continue reading More Than Just Messages

Graduate sharing his thoughts with team

Turning an Aspiration Into a Career

In 2012, Ryan Barrett decided to go back to school. A variety of professional and personal factors led him to this career change. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a... continue reading Turning an Aspiration Into a Career

Writing graduate in deep thought

Trusting in Potential

“I remember being unable to sleep one night—and thinking about the various inadequacies of the job I was working at the time—and somehow realizing that writing was something I had been denying... continue reading Trusting in Potential

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Hands of employee at the work place in meditative posture

7 Videos to Get Your Mind Off of "Stuff"

Earlier this month, I posted some ways to reduce the stress and anxiety that might come from various... continue reading 7 Videos to Get Your Mind Off of "Stuff"

cartoon woman meditating to reduce stress

Maintaining Your Mental Health

One in five Americans is affected by mental health conditions, including anxiety. It happens to the best of us. You feel as if you keep putting off making a change in your life. Or maybe your... continue reading Maintaining Your Mental Health

stock photo of a stack of books on a woden table by the beach

Whatcha Reading?

For many, summer reading lists conjure up memories of a list you received at the end of the school year and needed to complete by the start of the next (Berkeley freshmen, this is for you: reading... continue reading Whatcha Reading?

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