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Focus on Career-Based Business Skills

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Minimum 3 years undergraduate study completed

Minimum Grade Point Average: 3.0


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Length of Study

4 to 12 months, depending on the program.

Optional 4-month internship after successful completion of a 4-month IDP certificate.

Pace of Study

Full-time, weekdays, up to 30 hours a week

Whether you're thinking about starting your own business, looking to move up in your company, or want to build your knowledge of global business and economic issues, you become more competitive in the global marketplace with an IDP certificate.

Learn from instructors who are experts in their fields, bringing the coursework to life through real-world examples. These flexible program formats allow you to customize your learning to fit your priorities and achieve your career goals.

Choose from topics such as marketing, entrepreneurship, business administration and more, or combine coursework with an internship to build your network and skills at a U.S. business—all in less time than an M.B.A. program. If you continue your studies with an internship, you also attend résumé and interview workshops and receive career advising from an internship coordinator. These 4–, 8– and 12–month programs start three times a year.

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4-Month IDP Certificates

Learn about U.S. business principles by understanding the concepts and practices in areas such as economics, finance and marketing. You also receive hands-on training through workshops and seminars. Build skills and confidence as you develop financial analyses, create business plans and work as an integral part of a multicultural team.

This program is offered in fall, spring and summer. Regardless of your academic field, this program is appropriate if you have had some exposure to business topics but minimal overall knowledge of business.

Prerequisite: Three years of an undergraduate degree completed; no work experience is necessary.

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How to Apply for the Business Administration program

Internships Available

Starting a new business that will survive involves more than a technology or service idea and a business plan. Of the 1.5 million new businesses started in the United States each year, 80 percent fail in the first five years, and 80 percent of the survivors fail in the following five years. Learn theory, practical skills and strategies to launch your business and be successful. Learn from instructors who are business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs. And you'll be taking classes close to the Silicon Valley, exposing you to its culture and fast-paced, high-growth startup environment.

This program is ideal if you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is seriously thinking of becoming a business owner, starting your own venture, or planning on entering your family's business. To be accepted, you should have conceptualized an idea that you can develop in the progression of the program, culminating in a presentation to a panel of entrepreneurs and colleagues.

This program is offered in the fall and spring terms only.

Prerequisite: Three years of an undergraduate degree completed.

Additional courses will be added based on audience and market trends such as Business Negotiation and Web Technology Entrepreneurship.

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Internships Available

Gain knowledge in one of the most complex and important areas of business management. You explore the time value of money, capital budgeting, measurements of business performance and other financial concepts. You also examine mergers and acquisitions, risk management and financial restructuring. To make strong financial decisions that you can apply internationally, you study trade finance, the unique challenges of international financial management and the international monetary system. This rigorous program is ideal preparation for an M.B.A. program, a career in the financial world or a future managing your own company.

This program is offered in the spring and summer terms only.

Prerequisites: Three years of an undergraduate degree completed; previous study in economics, accounting or finance.

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Internships Available

Get a practical, intensive foundation in global administration. Learn how globalization influences international trade, as well as the complexities of international supply chains. Acquire practical knowledge of the international monetary system, in addition to cultural and legal factors that affect product development, distribution channels and promotion. This program prepares you for a career in a multinational company, a small business or further study in an M.B.A. program.

This program is offered in the fall term only.

Prerequisites: Completed undergraduate degree, previous study in business administration or finance, and at least two years of substantial, relevant work experience. Internships and short assignments do not count toward work experience.

Additional courses will be added based on audience and market trends, such as Sustainability and Ethics Seminar and Risk Management in the Value Chain.

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Internships Available

From a strategic perspective, marketing is comprehensive and includes not only the understanding of marketing terminology but also a method of applying it in a competitive environment. Marketing is dynamic and requires you to constantly be aware of the marketplace from the viewpoint of the customer and the competitors.

Gain the knowledge to understand the vital role of marketing in the success of any company. Through case studies, team projects and simulations, you analyze current market conditions; investigate the relationships of product, price, promotion, distribution, customer relationship management and packaging; and learn to develop an integrated marketing plan. Whether you seek to be a marketing professional or manage a marketing department, this certificate provides you with the essentials to Start Your Application.

This program is offered in fall, spring and summer.

Prerequisite: Three years of an undergraduate degree; no work experience is necessary. If you have previous study or significant work experience in marketing, we recommend that you choose a different program.

Additional courses will be added based on audience and market trends. Sample courses could include advertising and social media, global marketing, green marketing, integrated marketing communications, public relations or social media marketing strategies.

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Internships Available

Gain the skills to keep complex projects on task, on time and on budget. As you learn to develop and lead projects in a cross-cultural environment, you also develop proven techniques for successful teamwork. Course topics align with guidelines from the Project Management Institute, and skills gained from this certificate can be applied to leadership positions in diverse fields such as manufacturing, research, software and product development, engineering, construction, health care, biotechnology and more.

This IDP is suitable if you have minimal business experience and little to no experience in project management. However, advanced topics align with guidelines from the Project Management Institute, offering knowledge appropriate for an intermediate to advanced project management student.

Prerequisite: Three years of an undergraduate degree completed; no work experience is necessary.

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Internships Available

Stay For a Year!

12-Month Management and Business Track

Acquire business skills in half the time of an M.B.A. program with this 12-month program that combines academic study, intensive training and on-the-job work experience.

Step 1: Complete a core 4-Month IDP in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship or Global Business Management.*

Step 2: Complete a concentration 4-Month IDP in Finance, Marketing or Project Management.*

Step 3: Apply your in-depth training to a 4-month internship.

Step 4: Apply for a full year of optional practical training (OPT). OPT offers students with F-1 visa status the opportunity to gain paid work experience in their fields of study in the United States. Please note that certain regulations and restrictions govern OPT.

*To continue with your concentration 4-Month IDP or the internship program, you must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.5 or higher, and you must earn a C or higher in all of your courses.

IDP: A Truly Global Experience

Grow your global network and perspective among IDP students from all over the world.

Average age: 27

Age range: 20–50

Countries represented: 35+

Other countries represented: Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, Vietnam and more