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Getting Started

We recommend that you start with Introduction to Health Informatics PB HLTH X407.


Online Availability

This certificate can be completed completely online.


Duration of Study

You can complete this program in as little as 3 months (full-time study) or up to 1 year (part-time study).


Estimated Cost


We are in the digital age of health care. Clinical and nonclinical professionals are in demand to understand and deploy health informatics: a collaborative activity where people, processes and technology produce trusted data that leads to better decision making and efficient patient care. By understanding the underlying information and computer science and health care best practices that comprise this in-demand career, professionals from both medical and IT backgrounds will have the skills—in as little as 3 months—to meet the growing use of technology in health care delivery.

Launch a new career or advance in your current position with this fully online program. Each online course starts the moment you enroll, giving you the flexibility to continue working while taking your classes. Complete your studies in as little as three months (if taking courses full time) or one year (part-time study).

Start your educational journey with Introduction to Health Informatics course.

Focused Study
  • Clinical data standards and data security issues
  • Clinical workflows
  • Technological applications in a health care system
  • Impact of technology on population health
Launchpad to a Position As
  • Health informatics specialist
  • Informatics lead
  • Clinical informatics specialist
  • Application analyst
  • Digital health specialist
  • EHR project manager
  • Population health informatics manager
  • Health informatics director
  • Or a wide range of consulting roles
Convenient Online Learning

Online learning allows you to get the relevant, highly sought-after skills in a way that seamlessly integrates with your busy work schedule and life. This program gives you the flexibility to complete your coursework when and where to fit your schedule. Learn more about online learning.


There are no prerequisites for the Professional Program in Health Informatics, but a bachelor’s degree is recommended. There are no admission requirements for this program.

Curriculum Requirements

To receive the Award of Completion, you must complete the 4 required courses for a total of 8 semester units (120 hours of instruction). You are welcome to enroll in single courses without earning the Award of Completion.

Classes in the program start continuously, meaning that they start the moment you enroll. You may begin the program at any time and progress through your courses at a pace that fits your goals and schedule.

You must take all courses for a letter grade. To receive the Award of Completion, you must maintain an overall 2.5 grade point average (GPA), with a grade of C or better in each course.

All coursework must be completed within three to five years.


How to Register

By registering, you declare your intention to complete the curriculum in order to receive your Award of Completion. To register online for this program, complete these two steps:

  1. Submit the online registration, and complete your student account profile if you are a new student.
  2. Pay the $100 nonrefundable registration fee through your shopping cart.

You should register for the program after you complete the first course in the curriculum.


Estimated Cost

Each course is priced individually, and you pay the course fee at the time of enrollment. The program has an estimated cost of $7,900 (not including course materials or the registration fee). Course fees are subject to change.


Certificate and Award Request

After you have completed the program’s coursework, notify us by emailing or calling (510) 642-1061 and let us know that you have completed the curriculum and request your award. After your records have been reviewed, verified and approved (usually within two to three weeks), your award will be sent to you.