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Writing, Editing and Technical Communication
Course Location Delivery Options Status
Advanced Editorial Workshop JOURN X425 Online Available
Advanced Fiction Writing ENGLISH X410 Not Available
Be Heard Above the Noise: How to Stand Out in Social Media UNEX 1233 Not Available
Children's Picture Book Writing Workshop ENGLISH X471 Not Available
Creative Nonfiction Workshop ENGLISH X482 Online Available
Developing the Memoir ENGLISH X463 Live Online Online Available
Developing the Memoir II ENGLISH X462.9 Not Available
Developing the Novel ENGLISH X407 Online Available
Editorial Workshop I: Introduction to Copyediting JOURN X405 Online Available
Editorial Workshop II: Intermediate Copyediting JOURN X415 Online Available
Effective Business Writing UNEX 1355 Not Available
Effective Writing in the Workplace ENGLISH X456 Online Available