UC Berkeley Extension administrators work to ensure that Extension is meeting the rapidly changing educational needs of our world, while maintaining the high academic standards consistent with the University of California, Berkeley.

The University of California, Berkeley, is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). UC Berkeley Extension—like all other UC Berkeley schools, colleges and departments—is accredited by WASC through the University.

UC Berkeley Administration

University of California Berkeley Extension Administration



Chief Operating Officer:

  • Scott Shireman—(510) 642-3708

Academic Departments

Art and Design:

  • Anastasia Meadors, Director—(510) 664-4004

Behavioral Health Sciences:

  • Stan Weisner, Director—(510) 643-7234

Business, Technology and Engineering:

  • Ernie Costello, Director—(510) 643-2181

Humanities, Education and Fall Program for Freshmen:

  • Ramu Nagappan, Director—(510) 643-1283

International Programs:

  • Eddie West, Director—(510) 664-7874

Sciences, Mathematics and Biotechnology:

  • Sharon Doyle, Department Director—(510) 643-8737

Administrative Departments

Classroom Support and Technology:

  • April Wolford—(510) 642-9672

Communication and Marketing Services:

  • Chris Van Nostrand, Director—(510) 664-4151

Corporate and Professional Programs:

  • Robert David, Director—(510) 664-4005

Student Services:


Facilities and Space Management:

  • Mary Anne Hallacy, Director—(510) 642-5578

Financial Services:

  • Pam Adamson, Manager—(510) 642-8089

Information Systems:

  • William Bacon, Director—(510) 664-4518

UC Berkeley Extension Centers

Golden Bear Center (Berkeley, 1995 University Ave.)

  • (510) 642-4111

San Francisco Center (San Francisco, 160 Spear St.)

  • (415) 284-1060

Belmont Center (1301 Shoreway Road, Suite 400)

  • (650) 594-9623