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Bridging the gap between engaged employees and the educational tools needed to evolve their skillsets is fundamental to companies thriving in the 21st century. Leaders in dynamic ecosystems pioneer innovation through continuously paying attention to both industry and data insights. They expand on basic best practices by providing employees with the knowledge and resources, which propels them, in their own right, to become thought leaders.

Precise Workforce Impact

With an ever-changing landscape of corporate priorities, savvy organizations are building their resilience, adaptability and agility through sophisticated approaches to targeted employee education. Throughout the arc of their careers, employees must continuously develop the soft and hard skills required to navigate market changes, cultural shifts and internal realignments, as well as securing ongoing success of the business at large.

UC Berkeley's Corporate Education Custom Programs are designed to reflect each partner's hyper-focused areas of need. Because every curriculum is unique, it focuses on the exact strategic business results desired—rather than following the broader, generic pedagogy found in employees' foundational educational experiences. We operate from the mindset that real-world learning leads to long-term impact.

Trust In the Tested Expertise of Our Faculty

Partnering with UC Berkeley faculty means putting your workforce in the hands of experienced thought leaders at the top of their fields, who specialize in organizational performance and resilience. Each faculty member brings years of operational experience in their respective and cross-industry networks to the classroom. Their dual backgrounds as higher education pioneers and experts in your industry make them an invaluable resource for your workforce during the program—as well as down the road.

Our faculty instructors understand that there is no one-size-fits-all methodology that can be applied to every team in order to leverage ideal business outcomes. Our process begins with a comprehensive dialogue designed to pinpoint your organization's operations, short- and long-term goals, and current barriers to success. Once our faculty determines your exact aims and challenges, we use exceptional educational resources to build a results-focused plan that fosters employee advancement by way of increased knowledge and improved skillsets.

"What was unique about UC Berkeley Extension—in terms of the resources they brought to table—was the combination of experts in domains such as human psychology and behavioral science, but also the ability to complement that with industry experts who are ex-CIOs or currently sitting CIOs. No other potential partner could bring those two things together.

—Glen Lally, NetApp Senior Director of Sales Education

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Engaged Employees Drive Results

UC Berkeley's Corporate Education Custom Programs are offered in several modalities, including on-site sessions, classroom learning, and via livestream or recorded seminars. This flexibility helps teams blend their educational program with any type of existing work schedule or team structure.

Once your curriculum is built, optimized and delivered, your employees will continue to benefit through opportunities to apply their newly acquired skills to their real-world business contexts. Seminar topics on behavioral changes, leadership plans and new approaches to revenue growth are tested and perfected through a seamless integration of educational milestones into your unique workplace. Your investment in workforce education creates a lasting impact at every organizational level.

According to a 2010 ROI Institute survey of 96 Fortune 500 CEOs, 92 respondents stated they are interested in understanding the investments and impact of their company's L&D initiatives.

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