The enclosed transcript(s) comprise a record of all academic and continuing education unit (CEU) coursework taken by the student through University of California, Berkeley, Extension (UC Berkeley Extension).

Please note that the format of UC Berkeley Extension's transcripts varies depending upon the time frame in which the student completed the coursework. The enclosed transcript(s) are considered official only if they bear the signature of the UC Berkeley Extension Office of the Registrar and the seal of the University of California. Transcripts are printed on security paper, and the word "void" appears when they are photocopied. The background is in blue. Translucent globes are visible from both sides of each official transcript when it is held toward a light source.

The information on the enclosed transcript(s) has been released in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and may not be disclosed further to another party without the written consent of the student.

For questions concerning transcript(s), please contact:

Grading System

A Excellent
B Good
C Fair
D Barely Passed
F Failed
P Passed (grade C-minus or better)
NP Not Passed
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
I Incomplete (majority of work is satisfactory but incomplete due to exceptional circumstances)
IP In Progress
NC Not for Credit
NR No Grade Reported
W Withdraw Without Academic Penalty

Although UC Berkeley Extension does not calculate or record an official grade point average (GPA) on the student's transcript, GPAs can be unofficially calculated on the basis of grades and number of units. The University's grade point scale is: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. A plus (+) or minus (-) may also be recorded. Grades with a plus sign (such as B+) carry 0.3 point more per unit; minus grades (such as A-) carry 0.3 point less. (An A+ counts as 4.0.)

Other notations that may appear include:
Concurrent Enrollment (*), a program whereby students enroll in certain regular UC Berkeley campus courses through UC Berkeley Extension.

Fall Program for Freshmen (**), a first-year program offered in partnership between UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley Extension where newly admitted undergraduate students complete their first fall semester of coursework through UC Berkeley Extension.

Independent Study, a course completed through correspondence. All other policies and regulations regarding grades and record keeping apply.

Repeatable (r), a course academically approved to be repeated. Only courses that are academically approved to be "repeatable" may be done so by students for credit toward a professional certificate or specialized program of study. Exceptions may be made only by the academic department director in consultation with the Dean. Once the request to repeat a course is approved, a passing grade in that course will be accepted to satisfy unit requirements for a certificate or program.

Quarter Units (q), a course offered for quarter units between September 1966 and August 1983, as well as some correspondence courses.

Course Numbers

UC Berkeley Extension course numbers are classified as follows:

Credit Courses
Credit is shown in semester units unless otherwise noted. (See "Other Notations.") One semester unit equals 15 hours of instruction.

  • 1–99: Lower-division undergraduate
  • 100–199: Upper-division undergraduate
  • 200–299: Graduate division.
  • 300–399: Professional courses in Education for teachers and school administrators
  • 400–499: Professional post-baccalaureate courses in a variety of disciplines (other than education)

Noncredit Courses
Many noncredit courses are offered for continuing education unit (CEU) values. CEUs are a nationally recognized means of recording noncredit study. One CEU equals 10 hours of instruction.

  • 800–899: Noncredit courses that can be offered in multiple ways; for example, for a letter grade, as pass/not pass or with CEU values.
  • 1000 and higher: Noncredit courses and events. Many of these courses carry CEU values.

Course Number Prefixes

X: Credit course that originates at UC Berkeley Extension
XB and XBW: Extension credit course that is equivalent to a UC Berkeley campus course with the same content, title, number and credit value offered to UC Berkeley students. The course-number prefix XBW indicates an XB course that is offered either fully or predominantly online.
XD, XE, XI, XLA, XR, XSD, XSB, XSC: Extension credit course with the same content, title, number and credit value offered to students at the respective University of California campuses, including UC Davis (XD), UC Extensions systems-wide (XE), UC Irvine (XI), UCLA (XLA), UC Riverside (XR), UC San Diego (XSD), UC Santa Barbara (XSB) and UC Santa Cruz (XSC).

Course Suffixes

A course-number suffix shows that the credit course is part of a series (i.e., the letter A, B or C following the number). The A portion is prerequisite to the B portion, and so on.

Semester Unit Equivalents in Quarter Units

Semester Units 1 2 3 4
Quarter Units 1.5 3 4.6 6

Applicability to a Degree Program

UC Berkeley Extension does not grant degrees, but many Extension courses carry credit that may be applied toward a degree elsewhere, toward professional licensing or other professional requirements, or toward completion of an Extension professional certificate or program. Policies regarding the acceptance of Extension credit toward degrees at other institutions vary widely, and acceptance is always determined by the institution to which the student is applying. Students should check with the institution before enrolling at Extension.

Applicability to a University of California Degree Program

Participating in UC Berkeley Extension certificates, programs and courses does not in itself provide preference in admission to the University of California. For details about the UC admissions process, students should refer to the UC Admissions website or the admissions office of the UC campus to which they wish to apply. The University of California campuses use the same procedures to evaluate and determine the suitability of Extension credit courses to fulfill degree requirements as they do for credits gained at other regionally accredited institutions. Per UC Berkeley Academic Senate Regulation A208, special provisions apply to UC Berkeley–matriculated undergraduate students and to students who are enrolled in the Fall Program for Freshmen. Get detailed information.

Applicability of Credit or Noncredit CEUs Toward Licensing and Other Requirements

Many UC Berkeley Extension courses have been approved to meet specific educational criteria for government agencies, licensing boards, professional associations and other authorities. When applicable, a statement to this effect appears in the course listing along with the association's name and/or abbreviation and the number of professional education units offered.

Through the student account, students can elect to affiliate themselves with licensing boards or professional associations and enter their license numbers or member identification numbers. Upon enrolling into courses that are offered for licensing or other professional education requirements, students can elect to earn professional education units from these organizations. Some licensing boards and organizations also require that students sign in and sign out at each class meeting. Upon completion of the courses, the academic department may issue to students letters of completion that students can submit to the accrediting organization as evidence of fulfilling licensing or professional education requirements. Please note that only UC Berkeley Extension credit semester units or noncredit continuing education units are recorded on UC Berkeley Extension transcripts (when applicable), and that UC Berkeley Extension does not record the association's professional education units on the UC Berkeley Extension transcript. Students who are interested in obtaining a letter of completion for fulfilling professional education units toward licensing and other professional education requirements can contact their respective academic department or email for further information.