College education is at a premium, and UC Berkeley Extension is a trusted resource to help you get the undergraduate-level courses you need. Whether you're preparing to transfer to a four-year institution, seeking to boost your grade point average or preparing for graduate school, you can choose from a variety of classroom and online courses that carry transferable academic credit. Our credit courses and the instructors who teach them are reviewed and approved by UC Berkeley, so you can enroll with confidence.

Note: If you are applying to or attending a particular college or university, we recommend checking with that institution prior to enrolling at UC Berkeley Extension to ensure that the institution accepts Extension course(s) as transfer credit. Credit acceptance is always determined by the institution to which you are applying or attending.

Lower-Division Undergraduate Courses (X1–X99)

Extension course titles that include X1 through X99 signify lower-division instruction, which corresponds to first- and second-year college-level instruction.

Upper-Division Undergraduate Courses (X100–X199)

Extension course titles that include X100 through X199 signify upper-division instruction, which corresponds to third- and fourth-year college-level instruction.

UC Berkeley–Equivalent Courses (XB and XBW)

Course titles that include an XB or XBW designation denote UC Berkeley–equivalent courses. All UC Berkeley–matriculated undergraduate students (except those in dismissal status and those who have already completed a UC Berkeley undergraduate program) will automatically have all Concurrent Enrollment and Fall Program for Freshmen coursework included with grade points on their Berkeley campus transcript as stipulated by Academic Senate regulation A208. Matriculated UC Berkeley students are bound by UC Berkeley grade and course repeat rules.

If you're an incoming student looking to get a jump on your studies or a current student looking for alternate course dates, contact your undergraduate adviser and major department before attempting any Berkeley-equivalent (XB or XBW) courses to ensure you will not experience any unintended consequences. Extension has the options to meet your needs; special enrollment and refund policies apply.