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We offer courses in numerous subjects that can help you fulfill graduate program prerequisites, earn unit credit toward a bachelor's degree or be applied to professional licensing or other professional requirements. Our courses are highly accepted by universities across the U.S.

Our courses are accessible—no matter your location, responsibilities or schedule.

Flexibility is key: The majority of our courses can be completed fully online so that you can get the relevant, highly sought-after knowledge in a way that integrates with your busy calendar and life. Take scheduled online courses on weekends and at night. Or, opt into a "start anytime" online class, where you have six months to complete the class at your pace.

We also offer in-person courses in Berkeley, San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

Classes and the instructors who teach them are reviewed and approved by the appropriate academic department on the UC Berkeley campus and by the Committee on Courses of Instruction (COCI) of the UC Berkeley Academic Senate.

How to Start

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Step 2: Email the department to request a syllabus.

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Step 3: Send the course syllabus to your institution and get approval!

We cannot guarantee transfer of credit to any other college or university. We recommend consulting with your institution before enrolling, as transfer and articulation of course credit is always up to the receiving institution.

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Step 4: Enroll in your course.

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