Jacqueline Flores
is a Paralegal at Dana Michael Ritter PC.

Graduate, Certificate Program in Paralegal Studies
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Getting Started

Start with Essential Paralegal Studies I: Foundational Skills LAW X418 and one elective of your choice.


Online Availability

This certificate is available only online.


Duration of Study

3 required courses and 3 electives for a total of 8 semester units (360 hours of instruction). You can complete the curriculum in 6 months to one year.


Estimated Cost

$7,970 - fully online program

Note: The Certificate Program in Paralegal Studies will have new curriculum requirements, effective June 30, 2018. See below for more details.

Channel your interest in law—whether you're fascinated by criminal law, family law or anything in between—into a new career as a paralegal. Today, paralegals provide invaluable legal services: research, organization of case files, communication with clients and more. With the projected 15-percent growth in employment opportunities by 2026, there is no shortage of the need for qualified, knowledgeable professionals. Become a competitive job applicant with the fully online Certificate Program in Paralegal Studies.